HSU Names 90-plus Outstanding Student Nominees

Continuing a tradition begun in 1950, Humboldt State University has named more than 90 candidates for Outstanding Student Awards 2012-2013.

The outstanding students award ceremony is April 11 at 3 p.m. in the Kate Buchanan Room.

The awards ceremony will be held on Thursday, April 11 at 3 p.m. in the Kate Buchanan Room, University Center.

In addition, the foremost Outstanding Student achievements will be recognized at the university’s annual Humboldt State Honors Dinner on Friday, April 19, again in the Kate Buchanan Room. The reception starts at 6 p.m., the dinner at 7:15.

Outstanding Students will join 2012/2013 Outstanding Faculty, Distinguished Alumni and Staff Recognition honorees at the dinner and ceremony.

The 2012-2013 Outstanding Student nominees are as follows:

Awards for Excellence in an Academic Discipline

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – Lillian Boyd, Melissa J. Coleman, Emanuel E. Delgado, Olivia R. Drake, J. Daniel Fernandez, Alexis F. Grant, Alexa R. Malmgren, Jacqueline Martinez, Megan H. McFarland, Justino E. Perez, Spencer T. Ruelos, Kaitlyn E. Shanle and Hillary E. Wysocki

College of Natural Resources and Sciences – Kathryn L. Harris, Holly F. Leopardi, Kerry E. McNamee, Masha E. Melnik, Christopher M. Steenbock and Jessica L. Vermeer

College of Professional Studies – Ellyn C. Bass, Laura Lynn DelRoss, Marissa A. Graham, Maira A. Rodriguez

Awards for Academic Excellence & Achievement

Best Individual Artistic Achievement in Visual & Performing Arts – Daniel Fair, Justino E. Perez, Jeremy J. Smith-Danford and Qinjin Yang

Best Poster Presentation to a Professional Association- Emanuel E. Delgado, Ryland J. Karlovich

Best Undergraduate Research Project – Alexander C. Bippus, Maria J. Friedman, Holly F. Leopardi, Lor Y. Yang

Best Professional Publication – Allison W. Bronson

Best Professional Presentation, Competition or Forensic Debate – Yamilet Alas, Kamilah M. Barajas, Amee E. Catalano, Elizabeth R. Hassler, Thomas J. Morgese, Christa R. Unger, Corrina M. Wells and Samantha S. Yazbek

Other Award Categories

Outstanding Contribution to a Campus Club, Program or Organization – David F. Arwood, Alohi M. Bikle, Melissa J. Coleman, Emanuel E. Delgado, Marie F. Estrada, Josefina L. Gonzalez, Marissa A. Graham, Jacquelyn M. Gutierrez, Laurel A. Hoffman, Connor G. Jepson, Hanakekua K. Joao, Robert B. Latona, Jacqueline N. Leskinen, Megan H. McFarland, Thomas J. Morgese, Simone I. M. Pace, Ana V. Parra, Evan F. Petillo, Michelle L. Robinson, Zaneta C. Santana, Devin R. Schwarz, Macy M. Stewart, Isamar Valdez, N. Lashay Wesley

Outstanding Contribution to an Associated Students Program – T. Daisy Lopez, Tou Thao, Ellyn P. Henderson, Matthew J. Lutwen

Al Elpusan Award for Student Activism – Yamilet Alas, Kamilah M. Barajas, Amee E. Catalano, Gabriela Garcia, Elizabeth R. Hassler, Thomas J. Morgese, Corrina M. Wells andSamantha S. Yazbek

The Brian Lorensen Residence Life Staff Award – Clay A. Gallardo, Simone I. M. Pace, David J. Smith, Hillary E. Wysocki

Award for Excellence in Intercollegiate Athletics – Aaron P. Chamberlain, Kathryn L. Harris, Lisa M. Petty and Kaitlyn E. Shanle

Award for Excellence in Sport Clubs – Aimee R. Gant, Eliza L. Luna

Award for Excellence in Community Service – Juan J. Bernal, Sheri I. Cisneros, Cody J. Dawson, Alexis F. Grant, Jacquelyn M. Gutierrez, Sarah A. Navarro, Rachel C. Veiga and Claudia J. Velasco

Patricia O. McConkey Outstanding Graduate Student Award – Sara K. Obenauer , Lora J. Bristow, Francine A. Arroyo, Esperanza L. Alcazar, Kerry E. Leslie