HSU Offering Grant to Help Students Afford Housing

Humboldt State University has launched a new grant that aims to help student renters with housing deposits and other up-front costs in securing off-campus housing.

The Housing Access Grant, which is funded through the CSU’s Graduation Initiative 2025, is designed to assist students who are moving into off-campus housing and need help with first-month rent and deposit fees often required to acquire a rental.

This grant is the latest effort to address students’ basic needs, a continuing focus on housing and food security at HSU. The University has proudly taken a leadership position in creating models of support around basic needs.

“This grant is a win for the community, for campus, and, most importantly, for our students,” says Associate Vice President for Student Success Steve St. Onge.

A 2017 study identified Arcata as a “student adverse housing market”, due to high rental rates, high deposits, and fees associated with housing applications. In cooperation with the student-led HSU Homeless Student Advocate Alliance and Equity Arcata, HSU responded with focused efforts to address issues of racial equity and safe, affordable housing access.

In response to that study and other basic needs assessments, HSU has introduced emergency on-campus housing, hired an off-campus housing liaison to assist students and landlords in securing housing and developing best practices, conducted groundbreaking studies of student needs, developed student food programs, and expanded mental health and health services for students.

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The Housing Access Grant will award eligible students from $500-$1,000. Eligibility for the grant depends on the individual student, and funds are limited. Students can inquire about them by emailing the Financial Aid Office at finaid@humboldt.edu.