Planning for Fall Classes and Operations

Planning for Fall 2021 is underway, which will include assessing the options for providing a modest increase in face-to-face course offerings, as well as the capacity to safely house a limited number of students, expand face-face student activities if able, and maintain day-to-day operations.

The planning efforts are multifaceted, and include broad consultation across campus as well as consultation with Humboldt County Department of Public Health.

The CSU Chancellor’s Office anticipated a return to delivering courses primarily in-person starting with the Fall 2021 term. See the announcement here. Due to a number of factors such as testing, vaccination distribution, several new COVID-19 variants, and the continued rise in COVID-19 cases, it remains most prudent for HSU to cautiously plan for a continued hybrid instructional experience with the ability to shift if health conditions change. Planning efforts are being guided by state, CDC, and local public health guidelines to ensure the campus can work collectively to support students, faculty, and staff in teaching, learning, and engaging in the safest way possible.

Humboldt County remains at widespread risk, and while vaccinations have begun, it is expected to be a long effort. In its planning for Fall semester, HSU is prioritizing a modest increase in face-to-face instruction offerings for students. Other operations will be designed and prioritized to fit the instructional plans.

The planning target for Fall 2021 is to hold 30-40% of classes face-to-face, pending the campus space that is available with safety and distancing requirements.

The University has not made final decisions on campus staffing levels, housing, events, and activities for Fall 2021. These and other topics are being considered as part of the planning efforts and more information is forthcoming.

In addition, HSU continues to work with Humboldt County Public Health to develop a strategy to distribute vaccinations when supplies are available, and for face-face instruction to begin on March 8.

Visit the HSU Campus Ready Website for more information.