HSU Restructures Info Technology Services

HSU's Information Technology Services Group, which provides campus-wide computing and communications services, is being reorganized to bolster team work and improve customer service.

The reorganization consolidates ITS into a three-team from a four-team structure, eliminating vacancies to preserve the employment of existing staff, according to Anna Kircher, Chief Information Officer. “Budget realities left us no other choice but to reduce our overall FTE,” Kircher said. “Of course, vacancies rarely occur in convenient places, so we’re redeploying several staff to fill in where there are functional gaps.”

The restructuring constitutes a net reduction equivalent to 4.5 full-time employees. “While deciding how to achieve that, we also stayed focused on building teamwork and improving customer service,” Kircher emphasized.

The new three-team structure comprises:

Kircher explained, “We looked for natural synergies, where working together could eliminate redundancies and provide natural cross-training and greater staff depth, resulting in more than one person knowing how to do a crucial task. For example, we can meet their respective needs for technical depth and customer relations skills by combining Help Desk and the general access labs teams, or take advantage of the overlapping roles in ensuring network security by combining the network services and server management teams.”

The three team leaders will all be selected through national searches that will be announced in the next two weeks, aimed at bringing them on board in January, 2007. The reorganization will take effect when they arrive.

In the meantime, each ITS job description will be updated to reflect the new structure, including an additional component under “Essential Job Functions” that speaks to teamwork, collaboration, customer service, and professionalism.

Kircher said the reorganization also provides clear focus for three important existing initiatives:

“Bringing these three roles into the center of the organization will both provide them better focus and visibility, while also taking these tasks off the otherwise busy plates of the individual team leaders, so that they can focus on customer service and project management,” Kircher said.

For details, contact Ms. Kircher at 826-3815 or anna.kircher@humboldt.edu.