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HSU Sets Timeline for Budget Analysis

Humboldt State University is continuing to develop a long-term plan to help restore the institution's fiscal footing.

The findings of the multiple reviews – for example, HSU Vice Presidents were asked to conduct a thorough review of their respective divisions, using similar comparative data from other CSU campuses as a baseline – will then be used to establish the budgets for Fiscal Year 2007-2008 by March 30, 2007.

Below is the timeline of that process:

Nov. 8 – Response to Senate regarding resolution on budget recommendations

Nov. 9 – Decision from President to UBC on structure and function of the UBC

Nov. 30UBC to make budget information requests to Vice Presidents and President based on Long Beach model. Deadline for submission of information to the UBC is Jan. 1.

Nov. 1 – Feb. 8 – Vice Presidents and President work within their areas to develop plans to reduce expenditures by a target of 5%. Carol Terry to prepare summary of 5% reduction levels based on 2006/07 allocations by November 13.

Feb. 9 – Retreat for Vice Presidents and President to prepare for UBC presentations

Feb. 16 – Vice Presidents and President make presentations to UBC on proposals for budget reduction

Feb 16 – March 1 – Consultation with Senate and campus community

March 20 – Final budget reduction recommendations from the UBC to Executive Committee and President at joint meeting with the Senate and Staff Council

March 20 – March 30 – Exec. Committee and President consider recommendations

April 2 - Notification to campus of decisions on 2007/08 budget