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Senior Awarded $1K Small Business Scholarship

Humboldt State University business senior Melanie Barnett has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship by Business Matchmaking, a California non-profit that links small business suppliers with state and federal buyers. The gift scholarship, made under the auspices of HSU’s School of Business, recognizes Barnett as “an outstanding HSU business student interested in entrepreneurship.” It will help her finance her participation in a business studies program this summer in Switzerland.

Kristen Johnson (left), director of the Northern California Small Business Development Lead Center headquartered at HSU, and Professor Steve Hackett, chair of the School of Business, congratulate business senior Melanie Barnett on her $1,000 scholarship from Business Matchmaking, a California non-profit.

Business Matchmaking awarded the funding to recognize the service of Kristin Johnson, director of the Northern California Small Business Development Lead Center, headquartered at HSU. The scholarship coincides with Johnson’s recent completion of her two-year tenure as state chair of the California SBDC, a volunteer position.

Barnett received the funding in Johnson’s name under the auspices of Humboldt State’s School of Business, chaired by Professor Steve Hackett.

Barnett, an intern in Johnson’s office, said, “To be the recipient of such an award is extremely motivating and adds fuel to the fire to keep my passion for entrepreneurship burning. Kristin Johnson has been an exemplary role model in my career development, as her time and heart are dedicated to the local small business community. Not only did this gift encourage my work ethic and drive, but it also is broadening my horizons, literally! This monetary gift will allow me to spend the summer abroad in a Swiss international business program that I would not have dreamed of otherwise.”

Added Johnson, who is also the director of Humboldt State’s Office of Economic, Community and Business Development office, “I can’t think of a more deserving student for this award. And I am very touched by the public recognition from Business Matchmaking for my efforts as state chair. I’m so glad that the benefits of this recognition went to a business student who is also an intern for our office on campus.”

Barnett will accompany HSU Business Professor Saeed Mortazavi and another HSU student to Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland where they will join a group of Swiss and Indian students in studies of international business and inter-cultural communication. Students in multiple groups will visit multinational organizations and write a final paper about their visits. The summer program is supported jointly by Humboldt State’s School of Business and the School of Business and Engineering in Yverdon-les-Bains.