HSU Tops California’s 2013 Peace Corps Rankings - Humboldt State Now

HSU Tops California’s 2013 Peace Corps Rankings

Humboldt State University is number one among medium-sized California schools in the Peace Corps’ 2013 Top College rankings.

It stands 16th nationally among more than 3,000 schools surveyed coast to coast, moving up five slots to 16th from 21st last year.

A member of the 23-campus California State University system, Humboldt State remains the only school in California ranked among the Peace Corps’ top 25 medium-sized schools. The rankings are based on student body populations; ‘medium’ schools have 5,000-15,000 students.

The new rankings mark the eighth consecutive year HSU has won Peace Corps recognition for contributing among the highest number of volunteers serving abroad. Currently, 25 Humboldt State undergraduate alumni are overseas.

Historically the Arcata campus has contributed 787 members since the Peace Corps was stood up by the Kennedy Administration in 1961.

Janet Allen, the Peace Corps’ west coast regional manager, said, “We thank and congratulate Humboldt State University as one of the 23 universities from the west coast producing globally-minded leaders who turn idealism into action as Peace Corps volunteers. It’s wonderful to see Humboldt State move up five slots this year.”

Today more than 8,000 Peace Corps volunteers serve in 76 host countries on projects related to agriculture, community economic development, education, the environment, health and youth development.

The next volunteer application deadline is February 28.