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HSU Track to Begin Repair and Replacement Process

Access to Humboldt State University’s track in Redwood Bowl will be reduced as interim repairs are carried out and a replacement process gets underway.

The track surface in Redwood Bowl has been experiencing increasing maintenance and repair issues. While these types of issues have been frequent in recent years, this winter has been particularly hard on the track surface, which has outlived its useful life and now requires replacement.

Replacing the track begins with the campus developing a replacement plan and permitting the design. Then the project must undergo a competitive bidding process. The design work is set to begin prior to the end of the semester, however, due to the amount of time this phase takes along with the required amount of time for construction, the work will not be completed by the summer 2016 construction season.

In the meantime, interim repairs will be made to the track to extend its life by one year. The track’s condition is constantly changing depending upon usage and weather. As a result, more restrictive use guidelines or temporary closures may be necessary to carry out repairs required to ensure the facility remains useable and safe.

The track will remain open to the campus, HSU Intercollegiate Athletics, and the community, but with the closure of lanes 1-3, which are the most heavily damaged. This will affect the campus and local community in various ways, including:

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