Welcoming New Faculty - Humboldt State Now

Welcoming New Faculty

Humboldt State welcomed more than 70 new tenure-track faculty, temporary faculty, and staf members at the annual Fall Welcome.

The new tenure-line faculty members are, in no particular order:

L-R: Nicholas Perdue, Geography; Harold Zald, Forestry; Peter Alstone, Environmental Resources Engineering; and Brianne Hagen, Library.
L-R: Elika Kordrostami, Business; Lucy Kerhoulas, Forestry; James Woglom, Art; and Amanda Hahn, Psychology.
L-R: Carly Marino, Library; Marissa Mourer, Library; Barbara Clucas, Wildlife; and Garrick Woods, Music.
L-R: Adam Carter, Computer Science; Christopher Walmsley, Psychology; Liza Boyle, Environmental Resources Engineering; and Ruth Saunders, Physics.


L-R: Boe Burrus, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration; David Gwenzi, Environmental Science & Management; John Steele, Biological Science; and Andre Buchheister, Fisheries Biology.


L-R: Ben Graham, Psychology; Pamela Bowers, Social Work; Ara Pachmayer, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration; and Kayla Begay, Native American Studies.


L-R: Claire Parker Till, Chemistry; and Lisa Tremain, English.

HSU also celebrated the promotions of several tenured faculty members. They include:
Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor
Matthew Derrick, Geography
Kishan Lara-Cooper, Child Development
Sarah Philips, Library
Sarah Ray, Environmental Studies
David Sleeth-Keppler, School of Business
Darren Ward, Fisheries Biology

Promotion to Full Professor
Marcy Burstiner, Journalism & Mass Communication
Paul Cummings, Music
Charles “C.D.” Hoyle, Physics & Astronomy
Rosemary Sherriff, Geography
Micaela Szykman, Wildlife Management
Alexandru Tomescu, Biological Sciences
Jianmin Zhong, Biological Sciences

Range Elevation
Patricia DuRant, Environmental Resources Engineering

New temporary faculty members include:
Ellery Ames, Lecturer, Mathematics
Phillip Anker, Education, Lecturer
Craig Beeson, Counselor, Counseling
Susan Bennett, Lecturer, English
Michelle Bento-Jackson, Head Coach, Women’s basketball
Blake Brown, Lecturer, Chemistry
Terri Butts, Lecturer, Social Work
Maia’re Cheli-Colando, Engineering, Lecturer
Jeanette Cooper, Lecturer, Art
Kimberly Culotta, Theatre, Film And Dance, Lecturer
Christa Dagley, Lecturer, Forestry
Jovonne Dempster, Lecturer, Social Work
Ryder Dschida, Lecturer, History
Daryl Ettner, Education, Lecturer
Gabrielle Fuentes, Librarian, Library
Wendy Fuglestad, Lecturer, Art
Melanie Gensaw (Lowry), Lecturer, Social Work
Katherina Gieder, Lecturer, Wildlife
Ariel Gruenthal-Rankin, Lecturer, Anthropology
Kelsi Guerrero, Lecturer, Psychology
Jenell Jackson, Biological Sciences, Lecturer
Chryste Johnson, Lecturer, Social Work
Laura Johnson, Lecturer, Sociology
Hanna Johnston, Lecturer, Kinesiology
Andrea Juarez, Lecturer, Journalism & Mass Communication
Jennifer Kalt, Lecturer, Environmental Science & Management
Larissa Krause, Lecturer, Social Work
Jared Larson, Lecturer, Politics
Patrick LaShell, Lecturer, Psychology
Brian Lieberman, Counselor, Counseling
Steven Margell, Lecturer, Mathematics
Melanie McCavour, Lecturer, Biology
Elizabeth McCrone, Lecturer, Journalism & Mass Communication
Nathan Merrill, Athletics, Coach Assistant
Benjamin Miltz, Lecturer, Mathematics
Anna Montoya, Lecturer, World Languages & Cultures
Toshio Noguchi, CAHSS College Wide, Lecturer
Sara Obenauer, Lecturer, Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies
William Pinnix, Lecturer, Fisheries Biology
Puminan Punthasee, Lecturer, Chemistry
Gillian Robertson, Visiting Faculty, Music
H. Eve Robinson, Lecturer, Biology
Heidi Rutschow, Lecturer, Biology
Mark Severy, Lecturer, Engineering
Julie Slater, Lecturer, Social Work
Kenneth Smith, Lecturer, Social Work
Colleen Spurlock, Lecturer, Biology
Kimberly Stelter, Librarian, Library
Michihiro Sugata, Visiting Faculty, Sociology
Dana Taylor, Lecturer, Social Work
Tashina Welliver, Lecturer, Environmental Science & Management
Jasmine Westbrook, Lecturer, Forestry
Liana Whiteley, Lecturer, Social Work

New staff members who recently joined the HSU community include:
James Achterberg, Dining Services
Damien Aguilar, Athletic Trainer
Louis Altic, University Police
Darren Arbet, Assistant Football Coach
Ashcraft Austin, Assistant Offensive Line Coach
Kassidy Banducci, Facilities Management
Tiwana Barnes, Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services
Heather Ballinger, School of Education
Sam Barton, Sponsored Programs Foundation
Jordan Bauman, University Center
William Bence, Risk Management & Safety Services
Corliss Bennett, Retention & Inclusive Student Success
Richard Boone, College of Natural Resources and Sciences
David Broome, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Olga Cabrera-Sanchez, Dining Services
Jessica Carron, Housing
Ryan Cole, Facilities Management
Kimberly Comet, Administrative Affairs
Amy Conlin, Housing, Residence Life Coordinator
Nicholas Conlin, Enrollment Management
Alfredo Corral, Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services
Shannon Crans, Student Health & Wellness Services
William Cross, Information Technology Services
Carly Demant, Facilities Management
Margaux Des Jardins, Counseling & Psychological Services
Michael Dronkers, Marketing & Communications
Alex Enyedi, Academic Affairs
Ruth Epperson, Student Health & Wellness Services
Colin Flanery, Dining Services
Amy Foust, Housing
Kayleigh Frater, Information Technology Services
Carli French, Housing
Kevin Furtado, Enrollment Management
Mallory Garcia, Housing
Dawn Gomersall, Children’s Center
Charity Gomes, University Advancement
Alex Gradine, Academic Programs & Undergraduate Studies
Christiana Gomez-Frye, Center for International Programs
JoAnna Habib, Counseling & Psychological Services
Megan Hankins-Maldonado, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Nigel Hill, Facilities Management
Madeline Howard, University Advancement
Sei Hee Hwang, Academic & Career Advising Center
Lisa Hoyt, Student Health & Wellness Services
Austen Jacobs, Assistant Football Coach
Elaine Johnson, Psychology
Lendell Kirk, Facilities Management
Jens Klinger, Housing
Sean Knife, Facilities Management
Kathleen Koscielak, Facilities Management
Lucie Krocil, University Police
Todd Larsen, Housing
Margaret Lawson, Student Health & Wellness Services
Matthew Lincoln, Chemistry
Joseph Log, Information Technology Services
Lauren Lynch, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Scott MacKay, Athletic Trainer
Patrick Malloy, Music
Markelle Martin, Assistant Football Coach
Julio Martinez, Dining Services
Marta Martinez, Student Health & Wellness Services
Meghan Martinez, Counseling & Psychological Services
Michael Maschmeier, Dining Services
Christine Mata, Student Affairs
Sasha Mattos, Housing
Violet McCrigler, College of Natural Resources & Sciences
Kenneth McDonald, Facilities Management
Karina Means, Dining Services
Ray Miller, M.D., Student Health & Wellness Services
Brian Mistler, Student Health & Wellness Services
Taylor Mitchell, Assistant Football Coach
Bowan Montgomery, Assistant Football Coach
Lisa Morrison, University Police
Michael Myrick, Children’s Center
Kaitlin O’Brien, Housing
Vincent O’Conner, University Police
Gema Ortiz Lombardo, Enrollment Management
Annette Pastori, University Center
Taylor Peris, Counseling & Psychological Services
Kristin Pitsenbarger, University Advancement
Aaron Price, Assistant Football Coach
Christian Robbie, Information Technology Services
Jeffrey Robinson, Facilities Management
Raymond Robinson, Facilities Management
Brec Ronis, Information Technology Services
Christopher Rutter, Facilities Management
Michelle Schneider, Recreation & Wellness Center,
Grant Scott-Goforth, Marketing & Communications
Brian Sherman, Information Technology Services
Ryan Silva, Dining Services
Melea Smith, Youth Educational Services
Rhonda Stockwell, Academic Personnel Services & Human Resources
Laura Sullivan, Student Health & Wellness Services
Tyler Vaughan, Registrar
Cora Vay, School of Education
Shannen Vong, Counseling & Psychological Services
Elizabeth Wainright, Children’s Center
Tracy Ward, Student Health & Wellness Services
Terry Webster, Facilities Management
Amy Westmoreland, Retention and Inclusive Student Success
Andrew Whitaker, Housing
Cory White, Assistant Football Coach
Cameron Whitfield, Housing
Nicholas Williams, Assistant Running Back Coach
Susan Wright, Biological Sciences