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HSU Wildlife Student Publishes Fantasy Novel for Young Adults

Not many college students can say they’re a published writer. But “young adult author” is a title that Vincent Gonzalez (’15, Wildlife) recently added to his resume.

In March, Gonzalez published “The Tapestry of Life: The Lost Prophecy,” a young adult novel set in Medieval times that follows Urnald, a Native American sorceress, as she searches for answers following her mother’s death.

“It’s a fantasy story to be sure, but it also incorporates my Native American heritage and my love of nature,” says Gonzalez, who is studying wildlife biology.

Vincent Gonzalez (’15, Wildlife) recently published “The Tapestry of Life,” a fantasy novel for young adults.

Gonzalez didn’t set out to write a 150-page novel for young adults. In fact, it all started several years ago when he wrote short story for fun. “I’ve always liked writing and one day I was feeling creative so I just sat down to write,” he says.

The novel grew out of Gonzalez’ short story, which he expanded by developing new characters and additional story lines. He also drew inspiration from his favorite authors J.R.R. Tolkien, H.G. Wells and Ray Bradbury.

“I am a huge reader of fantasy, myths and legends and wanted to incorporate some of that into my work,” he says.

Gonzalez went through a number of drafts before submitting a final copy to publishers. He also had the manuscript edited by friends and professional writers.

After submitting nearly 30 inquiry letters to book publishers, Sarah Book Publishing accepted his manuscript late last year.

The Texas-based publisher worked with Gonzalez and a professional artist to design a cover image that depicts Urnald holding a magical sphere. They also edited, printed and published the book at no cost.

“When I first started out, there were people who thought I was crazy and said I would never get it published,” he says.

The entire process—from story conception to publication—took several years, Gonzalez says.

“It took a lot of patience but it was worth it,” he says.“I’m the type of person that when people start to doubt me, I like to prove them wrong.”

Gonzalez, who plans to become a wildlife biologist, is already working on a second novel. He plans to turn “The Tapestry of Life” into a trilogy.

“The Tapestry of Life” is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the publisher’s web site. For more information, contact Vincent Gonzalez at writer312312@yahoo.com.