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Humboldt State Upgrading to 10G Internet

Humboldt State University has partnered with AT&T;and the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California to increase its Internet bandwidth to 10 gigabits.


The new network transfers data at a speedy rate of 10 gigabits per second, compared to 1 gigabit per second previously.

AT&T;installed the system earlier this week through a contract with CENIC, a statewide agency that designs and implements high-capacity, high-bandwidth Internet for the California State university system.

“Thanks to this wonderful partnership with CENIC and AT&T;, HSU will be able to provide high-performance, high-capacity Internet to students, faculty and staff,” said HSU President Rollin Richmond. “I am particularly excited about the implications this ultra-high speed network will have for faculty-led research.”

Added Louis Fox, CENIC President and CEO: “We’re pleased that these connections will provide both the bandwidth and the diversity needed to support Humboldt State’s research and education missions.”

Humboldt State will install the infrastructure needed to support the increased bandwidth on campus in the next few years, at which time users will experience faster Internet speeds, said Anna Kircher, HSU’s chief information officer for information technology services. In the meantime, local Internet service providers—such as Suddenlink and Netlink 101—can increase their subscriptions to accommodate the improved bandwidth.

The system also ensures network redundancy with two data paths. One path runs south along U.S. Highway 101; the other runs east along State Route 36. Redundancy provides a safeguard against line failure, making the university less susceptible to outages, Kircher said.

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