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Humboldt State Students Win Big at CSU Research Competition

Humboldt State University students won top honors at the 29th Annual CSU Student Research Competition.

Nathan Graham, Madelinn Schriver, Haley du Bois, Sylvia Nicovich, Joao Paulo De Sordi Curti, and Jairo Luque Villanueva–picked as this year’s “HSU’s Outstanding Student Researchers–were selected to represent HSU at the research competition and gave oral presentations on their projects. Three won first place and two won second in their group categories at the event on May 1 and 2, at CSU San Bernardino.

From left to right: Nathan Graham, Madelinn Schriver, Haley du Bois, Sylvia Nicovich, Joao Paulo De Sordi Curti and Jairo Luque Villanueva.

“They exemplify the excellence of HSU students by being prepared, professional, and passionate about their topics,” said Rhea Williamson, Dean of Humboldt State’s Office of Research, Economic and Community Development (ORECD).

Williamson also lauded their advisors. “They take an interest in integrating research into undergraduate education. They’re also committed to quality student research, and dedicated to student mentorship and guidance.”

Here is a list of students, their projects, and faculty advisors:

Biological and Agricultural Sciences (Graduate)
Second Place: Madelinn Schriver, Forestry & Wildland Resources
Title: “Establishment and Growth Patterns of Oregon White Oak and California Black Oak Woodlands in Northwestern California”
Faculty advisor: Rosemary Sherriff, Associate Professor and Chair, Geography

Biological and Agricultural Sciences (Undergraduate)
First Place: Haley du Bois, Biological Sciences
Title: “Dissecting the Role of MAPK Signaling in the Tumor Promoting Properties of Lethal Giant Larvae 1 (Lgl1) in Primary Neural Progenitor/Stem Cells”
Faculty advisor: Amy Sprowles, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Humanities and Letters, Creative Arts and Design, and Interdisciplinary (Graduate and Undergraduate)
First Place: Joao Paulo de Sordi Curti (Undergraduate), Forestry & Wildland Resources
Title: Interactive Trails Map
Faculty advisor: John-Pascal Berrill, Professor, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Engineering and Computer Science (Undergraduate)
Second Place: Jairo Luque Villanueva, Environmental Resources Engineering
Title: “Forward Osmosis-Direct Contact Membrane Distillation Sewer Mining Waste to Resource System”
Faculty advisor: Andrea Achilli, Assistant Professor, Environmental Resources Engineering

Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Undergraduate)
First Place: Nathan Graham, Geology
Title: “Determining Magma Mixing Duration and Dynamics Through Analysis of Reaction Rims on Olivine Crystals in Natural Samples of Black Dacite From the 1915 Eruption of Lassen Peak, CA”
Faculty advisor: Brandon Browne, Lecturer, Geology

Engineering and Computer Science (Graduate)
Nominee: Sylvia Nicovich, Geology
Title:” Latest Pleistocene to Holocene River Terrace Deformation within the Southeastern Extent of the Little Salmon Fault Zone, Van Duzen River, Northern California”
Faculty advisor: Mark Hemphill-Haley, Professor and Chair, Geology

The annual competition promotes excellence in undergraduate and graduate scholarly research and creative activity by recognizing outstanding student accomplishments throughout the 23 campuses of the California State University system. First place winners received $500; second place winners received $250. More than 250 CSU students presented 200 research projects. Judges included experts from corporations, foundations, public agencies, and colleges and universities.