Hydrogen Fuel Station Ribbon-Cutting - Humboldt State Now

Hydrogen Fuel Station Ribbon-Cutting

Arcata - Humboldt State University and the Schatz Energy Research Center will conduct a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 4, at 11:00 a.m. for the new Hydrogen Fueling Station that produces and dispenses clean hydrogen fuel for a hydrogen-powered Toyota Prius.

Project Manager Greg Chapman at the installation of the canopy for Humboldt State University’s Hydrogen Fueling Station, which is in its test phase.

President Rollin Richmond and Schatz Energy Research Center (SERC) Director Peter Lehman will preside at the ceremony at the station site, accompanied by Representative Mike Thompson and Cal Trans District One Director Charlie Fielder. The fueling station is located off Rossow Street, behind the newly refurbished Harry Griffith Hall.

Humboldt State students first conceived of the station in their submission to the National Hydrogen Association’s H2U International Design Competition. SERC engineers designed and built the station with the help of HSU Plant Operations staff.

A modified Toyota Prius, powered by hydrogen, will be the first automobile to fill up at the new Hydrogen Fueling Station. Photo Credit: Marketing & Communications

HSU’s facility is California’s first rural unit in Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s California “Hydrogen Highway,” a network of such stations that eventually will allow hydrogen-powered vehicles to travel throughout the state as demand intensifies for alternative sources of fuel. Humboldt State’s facility is the northernmost link in the emerging network. It will produce enough hydrogen fuel to maintain a fleet of four hydrogen-powered cars. SERC is pursuing funding and vehicle suppliers to assemble a planned hydrogen car fleet and is seeking to establish a hydrogen infrastructure throughout Humboldt County.

Provided by the California Air Resources Board to promote alternative transportation fuels, the Prius will be shared by Humboldt State and other public agencies that have jointly supported the station project. The car was converted by Quantum Technologies of Irvine, Calif., to run on hydrogen fuel.

SERC has played an historic role in Humboldt State’s decades-old reputation for green technology leadership. It promotes the use of clean and renewable energy and conducts research and development of new technology; designs, builds, operates, and demonstrates clean and renewable energy systems; provides training for professionals; and educates the public about sustainable energy.

With Greg Chapman in the driver’s seat and Dr. Charles Chamberlin waiving, the hydrogen-powered Toyota Prius departs on its maiden journey from Humboldt State University.