Chancellor’s Office Outlines Impact of Pension Reform on CSU Employees

The following was provided by the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

TO: All CSU Employees
FROM: Gail Brooks, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
RE: Public Employee Pension Reform Act of 2012

The Public Employee Pension Reform Act of 2012 was signed by the governor today and will become law on January 1, 2013. As you can imagine, there are many complexities to this legislation and we are diligently working with CalPERS on the interpretation of the bill (AB 340) as it pertains to CSU employees. We understand there are many questions regarding the impact of this bill and will provide you with information as quickly as possible. Listed below are some highlights of AB 340.

Impact to existing and new (hired on or after 1-1-13) employees:

Impact to employees newly hired on or after 1-1-13:


There is other language in the bill that may impact the CSU. We are working to identify those provisions and will provide you with periodic updates. In addition, we will be establishing a Pension Reform FAQ that will be available soon. In the meantime, you can forward your questions to

You can track the Pension Reform Plan on the governor’s website or on the CalPERS website.