Newly Acquired Jacoby Creek Forest Offers Research Opportunities - Humboldt State Now

Newly Acquired Jacoby Creek Forest Offers Research Opportunities

After receiving more than 800 acres of forest near Jacoby Creek near campus, Humboldt State University students and staff plan to conduct research in the area on a variety of subjects.

The University acquired 884 acres of forest off of Fickle Hill and Kneeland road from the city of Arcata in September. The project was initiated a decade ago by Professor Emeritus Kenneth Fulgham and Mark Andre, the Director of Environmental Services for Arcata.

Many different departments from Humboldt State are now able to benefit from the Jacoby Creek forest including forestry, anthropology, environmental studies, wildlife, Native American studies, and more. Students will be able to complete capstone projects as well as other research projects geared towards their major. Forestry professor Kevin Boston says there will also be opportunities for faculty research and continuing education for graduate students.

“There’s a really wide range of opportunities that can come forth as we develop the infrastructure,” said Boston.

The forest is home to many different species of trees, such as redwoods, douglas fir, huckleberry, and western red cedars, as well as animals including native trout, black bears, and northern spotted owls. Faculty will soon begin to further assess the land and take an inventory of the plants and animals that reside there.

The forest brings more hands-on learning to HSU students, which sets the University apart from other CSU schools. Students will be able to utilize and learn from the diverse wildlife on the property.

“There’s real work for students, which becomes an experiential opportunity from a variety of disciplines,” said Boston.

With the title of the land now passed to the University, students and faculty can take full advantage of the forest and the learning opportunities it has to offer.