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Policy Center Hosts Rural Breast Cancer Study Public Forum

The California Center for Rural Policy (CCRP) at Humboldt State University and the Breast and GYN Health Project (BGHP) are hosting a series of public forums this spring to share findings of their collaborative study examining differences between breast cancer survival rates in Humboldt County and the rest of state.

The pilot study, the “Rural Breast Cancer Survival Study,” examined factors associated with higher death rates from breast cancer in Humboldt County over the past 21 years, and was funded by the California Breast Cancer Research Program.

Community members are invited to learn about the research and resources for breast health at upcoming community forums on the following dates and locations:

A community forum for Spanish speakers will be held:

Study findings will also be shared with Native American community members in Hoopa and at United Indian Health Services Potawot Health Village.
For more information about the Native American and Spanish speakers forums or any of the forums, contact Brenda Elvine-Kreis at BGHP office, 707-825-8345, ext. 125. Light refreshments, child care, and mileage reimbursement are available for each forum.

For over 20 years Humboldt County has had one of the highest breast cancer death rates (mortality rates) in California. Data on all female breast cancer cases from 1990 through 2010 obtained from the California Cancer Registry were analyzed for factors that may be associated with decreased survival from breast cancer in Humboldt County. The research is also the first study to compare breast cancer death rates of women living in rural areas of the state with women in urban areas.

The study was co-conceived and implemented as a collaboration between a community partner (BGHP) and an academic partner (CCRP). Co-principal investigators were Brenda Elvine-Kreis (BGHP) and Terry Uyeki (CCRP). Dr. Ellen Mahoney, surgical oncologist at St. Joseph Hospital and nationally recognized cancer expert, served as a consulting investigator.

For more information about the Rural Breast Cancer Survival Study, visit www.rbcss.org.