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Student Spring Dance Concert: 50 Dancers, 10 Dances, and a Variety of Styles and Themes

The Theatre, Film & Dance Department at Humboldt State University presents _Divergence_, an original dance concert created by students and faculty, in the Van Duzer Theatre beginning April 6.

“Diego Rompiendo la Discoteca.”
The production promises an exciting variety in styles and themes of dance: from hip-hop/Latin fusion to emotionally compelling contemporary, and from serious social issues to the quirky and comical. There are seven student choreographers, three faculty choreographers and over 50 dancers in 10 dances.

Dance Professor Sharon Butcher oversees the production. Butcher holds an MFA degree in performance and choreography and she has been an active member of the American College Dance Association. In addition to functioning as artistic director of Divergence, Butcher is teacher/mentor of a dance production class where she guides students through all facets of producing this dance concert. Students work together on costuming, publicity, and fundraising in addition to the creation and rehearsal of the dances.

“They envision, create, choreograph/compose, and stage their dances. They coordinate, teach, coach and direct their cast members,” Butcher says.

“The Dizzy Delightful Dazzling Dancers present: Friends on Fire” choreographed by Serena Mann, is inspired by inspiration itself, the force that ignites, excites, and sparks our creativity. The dancers encourage and remind us that even through life’s challenges there is still room for lighthearted fun.
“Through The Haze.”

Austin Silavong has studied a fusion of dance styles and movements from ballet to hip-hop. He has been featured in main stage productions at Humboldt State University for the past four years. His piece, “Through the Haze,” has been selected to represent Humboldt State University at the American College Dance Association Conference. The dance investigates what happens after a traumatizing event has occurred in an individual’s life. With a focus on vulnerability, support, and contemplation, his dance unfolds a tender journey.

“Text and Subtext,” by Lisa Drew, has also been selected to represent HSU at the American College Dance Association Conference. This dance evokes paranoia and uncertainty as groupthink overpowers the individual. Exploring the dangers of biased media, this piece highlights how perceptions of reality can easily be distorted and twisted. Drawing parallels to World War II propaganda, “Text and Subtext” warns against the uncritical consumption of media.

Kyleigh P. Carlson is choreographer of “1 in 4. It’s been 5.” This piece is an honest and personal response, loosely inspired by the Me Too movement and survivors on college campuses. The all-woman cast depicts vulnerability, strength, and willpower from beginning to end.

“Rompiendo la Discoteca” is described by choreographer Diego Morales as “a Latin jazz funk dance about getting in touch with your sexuality and portraying the love of dance.” This dance takes place after midnight at a nightclub where everybody is ready to embrace the music.
“Text and Subtext.”

Kirsten Williams, the choreographer of “In Our Elements,” explores the four natural elements (earth, wind, fire, and water) in a contemporary/lyrical piece. This dance is gentle and innocent with organic movements. Kirsten co-created much of the choreography with her four dancers who each embody one of the elements. “We all have the essence of the four elements in us even if we are connected to one more than the other,” Williams says.

Divergence opens in the Van Duzer Theatre on April 6 and continues April 7, 12, 13 and 14 at 7:30 p.m. There will be one matinee performance beginning at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 15. The performance on Saturday, April 14 will include a silent auction fundraiser in the theater lobby. General admission is $10. Students and seniors are $8. HSU students are admitted for free with student ID. Lot parking is free on weekends.

For tickets, please call 826.3928 or visit For more information, call the HSU Department of Theatre, Film & Dance at 826.3566.