Students Head to System-wide Research Competition

Fourteen Humboldt State University students have been selected to represent the campus at the 33rd Annual California State University Student Research Competition, April 26 and 27, at CSU Fullerton.

Students are selected by the Planning Committee for Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities based on submitted applications. The annual statewide competition brings together outstanding student researchers from all 23 CSU campuses to compete for research awards in discipline-based categories. The students selected to represent HSU are:

Jessie Armendariz, Graduate in Kinesiology
“Effects of Wild Blueberry Drink on Fat Oxidation during Cycling in Healthy, Active Males”
Faculty advisor: Taylor Bloedon, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Adrien Bouissou, Ian Cullimore, Undergraduates, Biological Sciences
“Distribution of western thatching ants (Formica obscuripes) and their effects on soil conditions in a coastal dune ecosystem”
Faculty advisor: Erik Jules, Professor, Biological Sciences

Chant’e Catt, Sonya Woody, Ashley Bradshaw, Katelyn Harris, Graduates in Social Work
“Educated Landlord and Tenant Program”
Faculty advisor: Jen Maguire, Associate Professor, Social Work

Gabriel Goff, Graduate in Forestry
“Physiological responses of Quercus garryana to conifer encroachment and removal in Northern California”
Faculty advisor: Lucy Kerhoulas, Assistant Professor, Forestry

Andrew Hahn, Graduate in Kinesiology
“The Effect of Interval Intensity on Time to Exhaustion and Metabolic Profile during HIIT Running in Recreational Runners”
Faculty advisor: Young Sub Kwon, Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Megan King, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences
“Loss of lgl1 affects cellular migration and anchorage independent growth and increases sensitivity to mTOR and MAPK signaling of murine neural progenitor-like cells”
Faculty advisor: Amy Sprowles, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Angel Lomeli, Graduate in Kinesiology
“The Effects of Secondary Cognitive Tasks on Performance of the 3-Meter Tandem Gait in Concussed and Non-concussed Individuals”
Faculty advisor: Justus Ortega, Professor, Kinesiology

Spencer McLintock, Graduate in Environmental Resources Engineering
“The Use of UV Light for the Treatment of Cyanotoxins in Small-Scale Drinking Water Treatment Systems”
Faculty advisor: Margarita Otero-Diaz, Assistant Professor, Environmental Resources Engineering

Carissa Pritchard, Graduate in Anthropology
“Assessing Craniofacial Variation and Sexual Dimorphism in a Skeletal Sample from Medieval Prussia”
Faculty advisor: Marissa Ramsier, Chair, Anthropology

Nathan Tamayo Hernandez, Graduate in Kinesiology
“Performance Profile for Tabata Intermittent Training on Treadmill”
Faculty advisor: Young Sub Kwon, Associate Professor, Kinesiology