Students Hold Forth at Scientific Meeting

Six students from HSU's prestigious Fisheries Biology Department gave presentations at the recent meeting of the Gilbert Ichthyological Society at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, Oregon.

The Gilbert Ichthyological Society is dedicated to the study of fishes in the Pacific Northwest and includes scientists from academia and resources agencies from throughout northern California, Oregon, and Washington State. ( ).

HSU research presenters at the meeting were four graduate students, Damon Goodman, Katie McGourty, David Malakauskas, and Barbara McCoy, and two undergraduate students, Tyler McCraney and Colleen Miks. Their topics included development of genetic methods for stock identification of salmon, genetic studies of hybridization between salmon and trout species, description of a new parasite species infecting the federally endangered tidewater goby, and development of morphological methods for identifying lamprey.

Dr. Andrew Kinziger, assistant professor of Fisheries Biology, accompanied the students to the meeting and is currently president of the Gilbert Ichthyological Society. Dr. Kinziger also gave a presentation at the September meeting.

For details, contact Dr. Kinziger at 707/826-3944