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Young Alumni at HSU’s First Street Gallery

Humboldt State University First Street Gallery presents Young Alumni-2013, on exhibit from July 2nd through August 4th, 2013. This exhibition celebrates the diversity and skills acquired by Humboldt State Art majors during their enrollment at the university.


Annually, HSU First Street Gallery mounts an exhibition to showcase the creative culmination of these aspiring artists and their transition from their studio practices into their professional careers. The Young Alumni-2013 exhibition celebrates a selected group of graduates’ work, which has been recommended by a professor or fellow art colleague. The works on display reflects the breath of courses offered at the university including sculpture, jewelry, painting, graphic design, mixed media, photography, printmaking, new genre and ceramics.

“I’m excited to get the opportunity to show work with so many talented alumni,” commented Natalie Schoch, a Studio Art Major graduate exhibiting work in the show. Shawn O’Connor, another participating alumni added, “After going to school with all these individuals for a couple years, it’s interesting to see how we’ve developed and grown artistically.” Erin Grady commented, “This is the first time I have shown in a professional gallery, along with most of the other artists as well, so it’s an exciting opportunity to get our art out there and seen by the public.” Aaron Morris poetically remarks “Make with the fireworks! Each diploma’s a lit match. And each of us a fuse.”

“The alumni participating in this show have all developed to a point where they are working at a professional level as artists,” states First Street Gallery Director Jack Bentley. “All 29 participants demonstrate real evidence of artistic success. Crucial to their success, however, are the less tangible qualities they all share—a dedication and commitment to making art as a way of life and a deep engagement with their work on poetic and intellectual levels.” Participating artists are: Jeremy Farrell, Keith Fleury, Rhianna Gallagher, Erin Grady, Kelsey Hardwick, Nurelle Harrigan, Nicholas Hunt, Nickolas C. Hurlbut, Hannah Jacobs, Kasey Jorgensen, Bobby Latona, Greg Lysander, Jamari Montgomery, Aaron Morris, Shawn O’Connor, Amelia O’Dell, Clárissa Pezone, Hannah Pierce, Anna Schneider, Natalie Schoch, Maccabee Shelley, Justin Skillstad, Ryan Spaulding, Michael Sutter, Sean Sutter, Rosalie Thomson, Kiersten Travis-McKittrick, Sara Jo Wolf, Sarah Woodard.

There will be a public reception for the young alumni artists on Saturday, July 6th, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., during Eureka Main Street’s Arts Alive program. HSU First Street Gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 5:00 p.m. The gallery is located at 422 First Street in Eureka, California and admission is free to all. Groups are encouraged to call ahead to arrange tours. For more information call 707-826-3424 or visit our website at