Biological Sciences Announces 2010-2011 Scholarship Recipients

The Department of Biological Sciences has announced the recipients of the Department’s numerous awards and scholarships.

Award: Rumble Award for excellence in botany. This award is presented annually to an outstanding graduate student in botany. $150.00

Sponsor: Mrs. Virginia Rumble of Arcata

Recipient: Marcus D. Jones (Arcata, Calif.): Marcus will complete his Master’s Degree this fall. Marcus has been conducting his research on, “The potential for a hemiparasitic plant to maintain species diversity during climate change: the role of warming and critical species in salt marsh communities of Humboldt Bay”, under his advisor, Dr. Erik Jules.

Award: Gregory Mark Jennings Botany Award. The purpose of this annual award is to promote the acknowledgment and dissemination of research in the field of botany. The award will support graduate students to travel for the purpose of presenting their research to a professional audience, or for expenses related to publishing their research. $1,000.00

Sponsor: Mr. Jim Jennings of San Francisco

Recipient: Ashley E. Hawkins (Mckinleyville, Calif.) is the recipient of the Gregory Mark Jennings Botany Award for 2010. Ashley completed his master’s degree this past fall semester, under the supervision of Dr. Terry Henkel. This summer, Ashley will be attending the 9th International Mycological Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland on August 1-6, 2010, organized by the International Mycological Association, to present a talk titled “Native forest pathogens may facilitate persistence of Douglas-fir in old-growth forests of Northwestern California”.

Award: Dennis K. Walker Botany Award for the top graduating undergraduate Botany student. $1,000.00
Sponsor: Dr. Dennis Walker of Arcata
Recipient: Paul J. CaraDonna (Arcata, Calif.): will be completing his studies this spring under his advisor, Dr. Mihai Tomescu.

Award: Eureka Sequoia Garden Club Award. Applicants must have a financial need and have a junior or senior standing as a Botany major at HSU $300.00

Recipient: Christopher Steenbock (Arcata, Calif.): The second recipient of this new award.

The Botany Awards listed above were presented on Wednesday, May 5th during the Annual Botany Award Ceremony at 4:00 p.m. in Science B 133, along with a presentation by Emeritus Biology Professor John D. DeMartini, entitled, “The study of galls: cryptic lives inside plants”.

Award: Gary J. Brusca Award for Invertebrate Zoology for the purpose of honoring Gary Brusca for his many years of inspiring students, and to promote and encourage interest in field studies of invertebrate zoology at HSU by recognizing promising graduate students in the invertebrate zoology area. $1,000.00

Sponsor: Mrs. Julie Brusca

Recipient: Robert Koeppel (Eureka, Calif.): Robert is finishing his second year as a graduate student. Robert’s master thesis research will focus on tidal height and fouling: factors affecting the survival of the native oyster Ostrea lurida in Humboldt Bay California.