HSU Biology Department Announces 2009 Student Awards

Arcata - Humboldt State University’s Department of Biological Sciences has designated its 2009 awards and scholarships.

The $1,000 Dennis K. Walker Botany Award for the top graduating undergraduate was given to Samantha Swatling-Holcomb, who completed her studies this spring in collaboration with her advisor, Professor Michael Mesler. The sponsor is Dr. Dennis Walker of Arcata.

Julie Koeppel received the $1,000 Gary J. Brusca Award for Invertebrate Zoology, sponsored by Julie Brusca.

Tara Fulgenzi became the first recipient of the annual $1,000 Gregory Mark Jennings Botany Award, which supports the dissemination of botany research and graduate student travel to present research to professional audiences. She completed her master’s degree this spring; her research centered on fungi indigenous to Guiana. Professor Terry Henkel was her advisor and the award’s sponsor is Jim Jennings of San Francisco.

Megan Lancaster received the Fred and Margaret Telonicher Memorial Scholarship, $400.

Daniel Sherfey received the $300 F.R. Meredith Undergraduate Botany Scholarship for academic excellence, sponsored by Jan Meredith of Arcata.

The first annual Eureka Sequoia Garden Club Award of $300 went to Paul CaraDonna.

Undergraduates Annie Hanks and Lucas Henderson were honored with Young Botanist of the Year certificates by the Botanical Society of America.