HSU Dominant in Sierra Cascade Logging Conference

The Sierra cascade Logging Conference hosted their annual Logging Sports Competition and Demonstration, which included Humboldt State, Cal poly, Cal Berkley, Modesto Junior College, and Central Oregon Community College.

The participating teams were treated to breakfast and dinner on Thursday sponsored by the conference and HSU students attended Humboldt State’s annual Alumni Association breakfast Friday, sponsored by attending Alumni.

The competition lasted for three days, with the following events repeated on each day: axe throw; underhand chop; choker set race; single buck; double buck; Jack and Jill; stock saw; and the speed axe throw.

All schools were well represented and when the dust settled at the end of the three days, we (HSU) were clearly the dominant force. As Brant Brady, a participating student put it, “We came, we saw, we conquered.”

HSU was awarded a handmade trophy, crafted by World Champion Timber sports competitor Jim Taylor. Our trophy, made from a trophy which Taylor himself won in a completion in 1973, is made from curly redwood and, as Taylor said, “It came from your part of the county and its going home”.


Humboldt State competitors included; Jarrod Follmar, Casara Adkins, Nick Knipe, Whitney Buttleman, Merlin Sabo, Jess Engle, Alex Stone, Carrie Capra, Brant Brady, and Wesley Palmer.