HSU School of Dance, Music and Theatre presents Ellipsis

Nov 10, 2021

The Department of Theatre, Film & Dance at Humboldt State University presents the Humboldt County premiere of Ellipsis, a physical theatre performance exploring the negative space. This is an original production devised by HSU students and directed by faculty member Dionna Ndlovu.

This recorded play can be watched free of charge on YouTube beginning November 18, 2021 by looking for upcoming productions at this link: theatre.humboldt.edu.

The HSU production is the first and only mainstage production from the Theatre Program this fall semester. Ellipsis is a devised production—ensemble member Jaese Lecuyer defines a devised production as “the culmination of collaborative efforts between the director, design team, and performers to create and perform a piece of original work instead of interpreting a script that has already been written for them.” The script and physical performance were developed by Saliarra Darkese, Jaese Lecuyer, Austin Maisler, Isabelie Montalvo, Sammi Pietanza, Bratty B, and Jake Hyslop under the guidance of Ndlovu.

Ensemble member Bratty B explains that “the show will be about connecting stories and people – people investing in humanity and what it means to love and be loved. And a theme of exploring the vertical.” Lecuyer adds that “this play is about love, loss, personal triumph, transformation and how the interactions we have with family, friends, and strangers informs us, but doesn’t have to define us. What’s important is that no matter how life may knock us down, we get back up, we root in to reach out and keep searching for the joy in life.” Ensemble member Austin Maisler describes the play as being about “trauma and how some people try to understand their trauma, break from it, or instigate it in others.” The production will feature a diverse set of personal reflections presented in a non-traditional way; relying on dynamic physical expression of character, more so than spoken text, to tell a story. Sammi Pietanza, also an ensemble member, encourages people to “come see this play to see a new perspective, a new point of view on stories and experiences. Come look at life in a non-traditional way through relatable stories. There is focus on life, death, and risk, but most importantly joy.”

Costumes are designed by Savannah Flower, Isabelie Montalvo, and David Fischer. Properties and lighting are designed by Ian Aguilera. Makeup design is by Isabelie Montalvo. Scenic design is by Meeka Day. Miah Carter serves as the production stage manager.

Ellipsis, A physical theatre performance exploring the negative space will not be performed live for audiences but can be enjoyed for free on online. It is recommended for teenagers and older. The recorded premiere will take place Thursday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. on YouTube. To watch the show, please search for upcoming productions at “HSU Theatre welcome” online or visit this link: theatre.humboldt.edu.