University Press Spotlights Hundreds of Authors

A selection of this year's book covers from the Cal Poly Humboldt Press.
A selection of this year's book covers from the Cal Poly Humboldt Press.
The Press at Cal Poly Humboldt is proud to support the 600+ authors who published on the Humboldt Digital Commons platform — which publishes and promotes research and creative works — in 2022.

This year’s works showcase the voices of Native Americans in Humboldt County, magical journeys through the redwoods, multilingual literature, University-led climate research, and North Coast art. 

On Feb. 14, the University will celebrate these authors at the ninth annual Cal Poly Humboldt Authors Celebration. The event, which runs from 3-4 p.m., is located on the second floor of the Library  in the Cal Poly Humboldt Authors Hall. Attendees will hear from author and alumna, Meg Godlewski (‘87, Journalism), technical editor of FLYING Magazine. There will also be trivia, and an opportunity to win the “Staff Council Cookbook 2020-2021.” Light refreshments will be served. All authors are welcome to share their work at an open mic session after the event. 

Here is a listing of book and journal publications from the year. 

“Southern Humboldt Indians”

by Jerry Rohde

Following the white arrival on the North Coast in April 1850, Native American life in Southern Humboldt was decimated. From 1903 to the early 1940s, ethnographers began trying to piece together collected statements from local Native Americans who could recall the genocide and the times before it. These recollections have left a priceless record and form the heart of this geographical history of the early-day tribes in this region.

“Southwest Humboldt Hinterlands” by Jerry Rohde

The most comprehensive history of Southwest Humboldt County from 1850 to 1964 is illustrated with over 200 full-color historical photographs and maps. This tome recalls hundreds of local histories such as the oil “boom” in Petrolia, the building of the Redwood Highway, the race to protect the redwoods of the Bull Creek and Dyerville flats, as well portrayals of “sheriff” Ulysses S. Grant Myers and environmentalist Laura Perrott Mahan, among others.

“Southeast Humboldt Hinterlands” by Jerry Rohde

The most comprehensive history of Southeast Humboldt County from 1850 to 1964, and showcases over 175 full-color historical photographs and maps. Author Jerry Rohde recalls hundreds of local stories such as the sheep ranchers who gambled and drank their days away in Blocksburg, the rescue party that took “High Rock”Gordon across the snowy wastes of Showers Pass, the shootout on the Bridgeville bridge, the navy that removed the pepperwoods from Pepperwood, and much, much more.

“Professional Manual for the Parent Reaction to Autism Diagnosis Scales (PRADS-2) with Guidance for Tailoring Parent Supports” by Kathleen A. Brewer and Mary B. Gruber

This manual is a 60-item survey that provides 15 scale scores to measure a parent’s specific areas of strengths and difficulties in raising their child with autism. This peer-reviewed professional manual describes the research, statistical development, and validation of the scales, and then describes the steps for applications in service work—specifying how the measure may be used accurately, ethically, and compassionately—for the benefit of parents and families.

“Lift up the Sky! Levanten el Cielo! by Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson

For 16 years, author Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson lived and worked at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park where she led children on nature hikes into the ancient forest. She encouraged children to discover the redwoods and watched their eyes sparkle as they listened to “Lift Up the Sky!” — a magical moment for  magic for her and for them. This children’s book captures that story amid beautiful illustrations and educational nature activities.

“Acupuncture for Curious People: A Needle Healer’s Manual by Kaz Wegmüller

Welcome to the art of needle healing! In this handy manual designed for the lay reader and seasoned healer alike, acupuncturist Kaz Wegmüller presents his art in a format that is clear, concise, instructive, philosophical, and practical. He starts by expanding acupuncture’s definition to encompass what he describes as “a unique way of engaging with the mystery of existence.” He further guides the reader in an exploration of this ancient art that centers on touch, curiosity, sensitivity, and humanity.

Research and Management of High-Elevation Five-Needle Pines in Western North America

The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation hosted the second high-five conference (H5II), which brought together the world’s leading experts on North America’s high-elevation pines. The four main objectives were to: (1) bring together scientists, managers, and concerned citizens to exchange information on the ecology and management of these important pines; (2) learn about the threats and current status of pine populations; (3) describe efforts to mitigate threats through restoration techniques and action plans; and (4) build a foundation for the synthesis of research efforts and management approaches.

“Looking for Beauty: Humboldt’s Plein Air Community Shows Why Art Matters” by CM Philips

This historic publication serves as Humboldt County’s first anthology of painters. It showcases a snapshot in time of 37 members of Humboldt’s Plein Air community—from beginners to world-renown professionals—in an avant-garde design that blends layers of paintings with commentaries about them, photographs of the artists, and responses to the prompt, “Does art matter in this crossroads of our time?”

North Coast Otters Public Arts Initiative: Commemorative Auction Catalog

In 2019, a special partnership with Ink People Center for the Arts, North Coast Open Studios, Cal Poly Humboldt’s Art department, Crescent City Art, and the Trinity County Arts Council led to local North Coast artists decorating more than 100 3-foot-tall otter sculptures. The sculptures were displayed at shops, galleries, schools, and other North Coast locations. The auction delivered the otter sculptures to permanent homes, and the proceeds funded future otter studies and student internships with community-based watershed projects.



ideaFest: Interdisciplinary Journal of Creative Works and Research from Cal Poly Humboldt  Volume 6

Cal Poly Humboldt’s own peer-reviewed ideaFest Journal has published its sixth volume. With 10 articles by 21 campus authors across 10 disciplines, volume 6 gives voice to a wider range of identities and a broader scope of fields. The journal also includes articles and video submissions to the CSU Research Competition, bringing together the best in Humboldt student research.

Academic Labor: Research and Artistry Volume 6

This peer-reviewed open-access academic journal was launched in 2016 by the Center for the Study of Academic Labor at Colorado State University. The journal seeks to motivate ongoing research on matters relating to tenure and contingency in the academy.

CSU Journal of Sustainability and Climate Change Volume 1

The California State University Chancellor’s Office of Sustainability and Research Department has collaborated with the Press at Cal Poly Humboldt to launch the peer-reviewed CSU Journal of Sustainability and Climate Change.

CouRaGeouS Cuentos: A Journal of Counternarratives Volume 5

The works published in this journal are by students who took the course Ethnic Studies 107: Chican@/Latinx Lives and students in the Promotorx Transformative Educators Program. Together, the students shared their stories—their counternarratives—to their families, communities, and the world.

Redwood Roots Digital Magazine Volume 3

Welcome to a digital magazine about community-engaged learning at Cal Poly Humboldt and stories of service in Humboldt County. These are the stories of some of the thousands of students that serve  the community or work on projects that benefit the local community.

The International Journal of Ecopsychology Volume 5
The International Journal of Ecopsychology (IJE) is an evidence-based publishing venue for interdisciplinary and field-specific approaches termed “ecopsycholog- ical.” IJE publishes theory, research, and application articles on human-natural space, affiliative interactions and dynamics, and nature estrangement and alienation.

Toyon Volume 68

Toyon is a multilingual journal of literature and art that is edited and produced by Cal Poly Humboldt  students from all disciplines. While Toyon receives submissions from all over the world, it is also a journal of North Coast writing and art, and welcomes new voices in many languages.

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