Environmental Resources Engineering

School of Engineering Students Successful in International Math Competition

For over two decades, School of Engineering students have competed in the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) annual Mathematical Modeling Contest (MCM) and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM).  Over 11,000 teams from thousands of universities and 21 different countries p

Published a paper: "Bacterial mobility and motility in porous media mimicked by microspheres"

In collaboration with University of Arkansas, we recently published a journal paper at Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces.

Published a paper (selected as the editor's choice): "Study of an Industrial Scale Counter Pressure Casting Process Using an Advanced Thermal-Stress Model"

Dr. Jun Ou, as a corresponding author, recently published a journal article which investigated the industrial scale Counter Pressure Casting (CPC) process at the journal Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B.

Dr. Robert Gearheart, Environmental Resources Engineering

Dr. Robert Gearheart received a grant from the City of Arcata to continue the implementation of a wastewater engineering project.

Carisse Geronimo

Carisse Geronimo, graduate of the Energy Technology and Policy program in the Environmental Resources Engineering department (2020) and current research engineer at the Schatz Energy Research Center, has published an article in the journal "Fuel" with Drs.

Kushal Adhikari

Dr. Kushal Adhikari, Faculty and Research Associate-Environmental Resources Engineering, along with four other speakers served as a panelist in Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium 2022.

Josephine Archibald

ERE lecturers Dr. Brian Buchanan and Dr. Jo Archibald, along with colleagues working in the New York Hudson River watershed, published a paper on using machine learning to identify stream barriers.

Lonny Grafman

Lonny Grafman co-authored a new book with Dr. Joshua Pearce on how communities come together to harness the power of the sun and how other people can do it as well.