A Message from the President: HSU Budget for 2014-15

_The following message was provided by the Office of the President._ Dear Campus Community, In April the University Resources & Planning Committee sent me its 2014-15 budget recommendation. After reviewing and discussing the recommendation with incoming President Lisa Rossbacher, we have approved HSU's 2014-15 budget.

The full recommendation from the committee, and my response, are available here.

This year, the University Resources & Planning Committee made significant improvements to HSU’s budget planning process through the development of a more robust multi-year planning process, a resource allocation process, an enrollment growth funding model, a recommended reserve policy and the establishment of a technical working group. Details of these enhancements can be found in the 2014-15 budget recommendation. I have requested the reserve policy be placed on hold to await Dr. Rossbacher’s review when she begins in July.

The 2014-15 budget allows us to continue the investments made in recent years in the University’s current priorities: inclusive student success, generating additional revenue, and advancing HSU’s vision. Base budget increases are limited to mandatory cost increases, coverage of the benefits shortfall in Academic Affairs, a student support position, and an allocation to the newly formed Office of Retention and Inclusive Student Success. One-time allocations will be made for facilities improvement projects, continuation of the Retention through Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP), and to the College of eLearning and Extended Education to further its efforts to expand our capacity and improve student access through online course development.

The 2014-15 year marks a transition year for HSU as we welcome a new president, Dr. Lisa Rossbacher, and interim Provost, Dr. Jenny Zorn. While the economy has stabilized and the governor has implemented a multi-year stable funding plan to continue to reinvest in higher education, HSU is still recovering from years of reductions. We must continue to evaluate more efficient and effective ways to allocate our resources in alignment with our mission, vision and priorities.

I want to thank the University Resources & Planning Committee for its careful consideration of this budget and for its recommendation. In only its second year, the committee has made considerable progress and is committed to continuing to establish more strategic and sustainable long-term budget practices.

For more about the 2014-15 Budget Plan, as well as budget updates and helpful documents such as the Annual Budget Report, visit www.humboldt.edu/budget.

Rollin Richmond