Building Naming Honors HSU President Alistair McCrone

The Science D Building has been named Alistair McCrone Hall as a way of honoring the legacy of Humboldt State University’s fifth president, Dr. Alistair McCrone.

McCrone’s family -- including his wife, Judith -- plus friends, President Tom Jackson, Jr., and members of the campus community marked the occasion at a ceremony just outside the building on November 18. President McCrone was unable to attend the event, but his family said he was appreciative of the naming.

One of just eight presidents in Humboldt State University’s history, Dr. McCrone served from 1974 to 2002, making him the institution’s longest-serving president.

“As the HSU President, Dr. McCrone worked to create an educational experience similar to a small liberal arts college. He focused on academic quality, strengthening the sense of community on campus, and enhancing connections with the broader community,” Jackson said in his remarks at the event. “He was particularly known for walking the campus to engage with students and faculty. He felt it was important to get to know individual faculty members and their interests, and it’s clear that he relished this aspect of his role.”

After review by HSU’s Naming Subcommittee and the University Senate Executive Committee, the building name was recommended by the University and approved by the California State University Board of Trustees earlier this month.


Numerous campus facilities designed to support hands-on learning and student success during McCrone’s 28-year tenure include Telonicher Marine Lab, the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, McCrone Hall, Science E, Student Business Services, Creekview Apartments, Schatz Energy Research Station, and the Marine Wildlife Care Center.

In addition to his service as president, McCrone is also HSU Professor Emeritus of Geology, whose area of specialty is paleontology. McCrone and his wife, Judith, have continued to remain involved with HSU and the community, including supporting the work of graduate students, promising faculty, and academic departments.

The McCrones are long-time and generous supporters of the University. Their support of various areas—including the Geology department, the Library, Youth Educational Services, and others—began during his presidency and continues today.

They have also joined other donors in supporting the McCrone Promising Faculty Scholars Award and the Alistair and Judith McCrone Graduate Fellowship. Over the years, more than 50 faculty members and 20 graduate students have benefited from these programs. Dr. McCrone firmly believes what he often tells other donors, which is that their gifts will have a greater impact at a public university than at a private one.