Constellation Music Series presents the Humboldt State University Composition Studio

Morris Graves Museum of Art April 23rd, 2016 • 8PM All Ages • 5 dollars For the April 2016 Constellation Series at the Morris Graves Museum, students and faculty of the HSU Composition Studio will be giving electro acoustic performances of original minimalist works as well as performing the classic minimalist composition, "In C" by Terry Riley. At times performers will be located in different parts of the museum while performing at the same time. Four of the pieces performed will be collaborative compositions written by everyone in the studio. Improvisation will be an important element of all of the pieces being given throughout the evening. The goal of each piece will be to spontaneously create a musical and electronic soundscape through the use of precomposed and improvised material.

Performer Bios:

Ryan McGaughey - Local pianist, Ryan McGaughey, will perform original compositions for piano and electronic sounds and experiment with mixing the sounds of both the acoustic sounds of the piano and the digitally manipulated sounds of the piano.

Sabrina Fisher - My name is Sabrina Fisher I am a sophomore at Humboldt State University. I have been playing music in different forms since I was nine, from school ensembles to jazz bands to a ska band in high school. I realized a few years ago that I connect most with film scores, and find that music combined with images is an important art. Since enrolling at HSU, I have been studying music composition and aspire to someday create film scores similar to the ones that have affected me.

Michael Barrett Donovan - Michael Barrett Donovan is a student of composition and violin at Humboldt State University. When not devastated with work, he enjoys thinking of you fondly.

Sandee Castemeda - I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, and moved up to Arcata for college. I'm a music and psychology major at HSU. This is my fourth year, once I finish my psychology masters at HSU I'd like go to the Seattle Film Institute to study Film Scoring and would like to go into quantitative psychology for my career in psychology.

Kenneth Bozanich - This is my last semester as an HSU Composition Major. Mark your calendars for my senior recital on May 12th at 8 pm in the Fulkerson Recital Hall!

Kyle McInnis - Kyle is in his final semester as a composition student at HSU and can be heard performing around town with his group Business Casual.

Aidan Sanborn-Petterson - Aidan has been fascinated with sounds from his earliest childhood. Although he went through the usual childhood lessons on several instruments, Aidan’s real musical interest blossomed in his teenage years when he began experimenting on his own with digital composition. He and his friend Michael worked together in several projects and performed around the Humboldt area. During his high school years Aidan produced music for friends, and local rap artists. He is now studying orchestral composition, and arrangement at Humboldt State, but stays comfortably rooted in his electronic composition.

Brian Post - Brian Post has been teaching composition classes at Humboldt State University since the fall of 1998. He has an MM and DA in Theory and Composition from the University of Northern.