Contactless Digital Payment for HSU Parking through New App

Humboldt State is gearing up for Spring semester with the launch of the Passport Parking App, a contactless mobile payment system.

Partnering with transportation software and payments company Passport, HSU will utilize a digital parking payment system for the first time beginning January 18, 2022. The app, Passport Parking, allows for a contactless experience where motorists pay for and manage their parking sessions with their smartphones. Those who prefer to pay via traditional meters or purchase passes from the parking kiosk can still do so.

At this time, only daily general parking permits will be available through the app. Rates will remain the same for students, employees, and visitors. This is the first phase of the rollout for the new parking app implementation. The next phase will be creating digital passes for long-term parking for students and employees, expected to begin by Fall 2022.

To begin a parking session, users create an account in the Passport Parking app with their email address or phone number and enter their parking space number (in metered areas) or license plate number (in parking lots) and amount of time. Users receive notifications when their parking time is about to expire and can extend their time remotely. Receipts and parking history are also easily accessible through the app.

“The Passport Parking app will make paying for parking convenient and efficient for the HSU community,” says Anthony Morgan, Chief of University Police. “We are excited to partner with Passport to offer a comprehensive mobile parking solution and look forward to bringing their technology to campus.” Passport’s end-to-end digital mobility platform is enabling more than 800 cities, universities, and private operators to manage their parking and mobility infrastructure, including mobile pay parking, parking enforcement, digital permitting, and more. The platform is designed to provide cities with the data and insights to dynamically manage their curb space.

“A contactless form of payment for parking is a great benefit for students and faculty and provides HSU with a cost-efficient method of charging for parking,” says Mark Schleyer, Passport regional sales director. “We are thrilled to equip Humboldt State with the parking technology it needs to help create more enjoyable and convenient campus experiences.”

The Passport Parking app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. Users can also manage their parking online at


This story was originally published on December 15, 2021.