Governor's May Revision Maintains $125.1 Million Budget Investment for CSU

May 16, 2013

_The following was provided by the California State University Chancellor's Office._ Governor Brown’s May Revision of the 2013-2014 state budget continues to propose an additional $125.1 million in state funding for the California State University and also maintains reinstating $125 million that was cut from last year's budget and was due to be reimbursed in this year's budget following the successful passage of Proposition 30. The proposal also states that the administration will work with the colleges and universities, legislature and other stakeholders on a framework that would link future budget augmentations to performance-related measures.

“The funding proposed for public higher education in the Governor’s May Revise is a critical investment in the future of California,” said CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White. “We look forward to working with the Governor and legislature to invest these educational resources while ensuring the accountability of our universities and the success of our students in a way that upholds the mission of the California State University.”

Overall, the proposed increase in state support for the CSU would bring state funding levels to $2.3 billion for the support of university programs and operations. At their March board meeting, CSU Trustees reviewed an expenditure plan based on the proposed funding that addresses three major areas of need - student access and success, faculty and staff compensation and mandatory costs. Trustees will discuss additional details of this expenditure plan and the revised budget proposal at the upcoming May board meeting.