HSU Grads Win Aid Toward Doctorate

Four Humboldt State University graduates have won financial aid in the form of loans from the Chancellor's Office, enabling them to pursue doctorates in a variety of disciplines and compete for teaching positions in the 23-campus network of the California State University system.

The latest HSU quartet comprises Alisa Hove, who will take up doctoral studies in plant ecology at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara; Jang-Won Lee, animal biology (fish nutritional physiology) at UC Davis; Jennifer Millard, ecology and evolutionary biology, UC Davis or University of Montana, and Gregory Zobel, who will pursue Ph.D. studies in linguistics and English as a second language at Northern Arizona University.

The CSU Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive/Forgivable Loan Program is the largest of its kind in the nation, aimed at encouraging students to undertake doctoral studies and compete for instructional faculty positions in the CSU system.

Through July of last year, the program provided nearly $36 million to 1,501 doctoral students who have attended nearly 200 universities nationwide.

After completion of a doctoral degree or withdrawal from doctoral study, a participant is given a 12-month grace period before loan repayment begins. The loan is payable over a period of 15 years and the interest rate for borrowed funds for the 2006/2007 academic year is pegged at 5 percent.

If the candidate subsequently obtains a full-time instructional faculty position in the CSU, the principal and interest are forgiven at the rate of 20% for each year of service.