HSU Library Displays WWII Lore

The current exhibit at the Humboldt State University Library showcases the World War II experience in Humboldt County. One display centers on the book “Original Patriots: Northern California Indian Veterans of World War II” by local author Chag Lowry. The book is a collection of interviews with Northern California Indian veterans. They share their experiences as well as their perspectives of being an Indian in the military during the time of the Second World War.

The other exhibit features a selection of resources from the Library’s Humboldt Room. This display highlights a selection of letters from soldiers who were students, staff and alumni of HSU, written in correspondence with then-HSU President Arthur Gist. On display with the Gist letters are the guidelines of an HSU history class assignment which works specifically with these letters. The assignment shows the value of historical sources to the educational process. Also included is an article from the Humboldt Historian written by Gayle Karshner, who took over teaching her husband’s classes at HSU when he left to fight in the war. She gives a vivid first-hand account of life in Humboldt County and, more particularly, the life of Humboldt State University during that time.

The exhibit is located in the first floor lobby of the Library and will be on display through October 9th.