HSU Plans for $5.9 Million in Federal CARES and MSI Funds

Humboldt State University has determined spending priorities for $5.9 million in federal funds received through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act as well as the Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Program. Funds will be used to cover a portion of the University’s expenses related to the impact of COVID-19.

These funds are in addition to the $5.1 million in CARES emergency funds that were previously distributed to HSU students.
Priorities for the funds are the safety of students, faculty, and staff; supporting instruction and related technology; supporting student success and completion; and reducing the COVID-19 fiscal impact on limited institutional resources. Projected expenditures for the campus priorities are outlined below.


Safety of students, faculty, and staff: $655,000
(allocated to the Emergency Operations Center/Administrative Affairs)
Includes estimated expenses not reimbursable by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), any required cost-sharing, and other similar expenses.

Fall instruction and technology: $2,905,000
(allocated to Academic Affairs)
Includes expenses related to faculty professional development for virtual instruction; support for face-to-face and virtual instruction; virtual lab, software, and equipment needs in the Colleges; and technology needs for students.

Student success and completion: $1,673,990
(allocated to Enrollment Management)
Includes support for virtual and innovative student engagement activities; virtual student research and leadership activities; peer-to-peer outreach for incoming students; guest lecturers in a virtual and face-to-face environment; child care at the Children’s Center; programming for student residents to support academic initiatives; student basic needs support; physical and mental health; and emergency grants to students.

Fiscal impact of COVID-19: $650,000
(allocated to Emergency Operations Center /Administrative Affairs and Academic Affairs)
Includes expenses not covered by FEMA cost share through June 30, 2020 as well as expected costs to improve technology support for the campus to operate more effectively in a mostly virtual environment.

Guiding Principles
Allocation priorities were guided by the following principles:
COVID-19 Related: Expenses must have a direct correlation to the pandemic impact on students, faculty instruction, facilities, and campus operations.
•Students First: Expenditures should be focused on ensuring students have a positive, meaningful educational experience.
•Equity: Financial assistance should ensure all students have opportunities for academic success regardless of individual resources.
CARES & MSI Guidelines: Funds should be used in accordance with CARES and MSI guidance provided by the Chancellor’s Office and Department of Education.

Vice Presidents, in collaboration with their divisional leadership teams, will approve spending plans based on identified campus priorities and must ensure appropriate documentation supports the use of funds as all spending will be audited by the federal government. A more detailed process is under development and will be shared with campus leadership in the coming week to provide clarity as to how these funds will be tracked, documented, and spent.