HSU Preserves ‘Over 60’ Option Despite Enrollment Slip

Jul 22, 2009

Arcata – Effective this fall, Humboldt State University will shift its academic program for students aged 60 and above to the self-supporting Office of Extended Education, a move that will preserve the ‘Over 60’ classroom experience at a low cost despite the latest enrollment cutbacks and student fee hikes mandated by the California State University system.

Under the transfer to the Office of Extended Education, the new fee for Over 60 students will be $50 for up to six units per semester. The previous charge was $6.00 per semester for a full-time learner, but the new fee remains well below the Open University rate of $200 per unit. Over 60 students pay the standard rate if they take more than six units.

The change is a fiscal necessity because the CSU is confronted with the worst state funding deficit in its history.

Matriculated Over 60 students—those already admitted to an HSU degree program—will continue until completing their degrees, subject to the new rate of $50 for up to six units a semester. As before, these students will register and pay fees via the Student Center.

Non-matriculated Over 60 students will complete a special registration form supplied by the Office of Extended Education, which is an in-house University department. Within the first two weeks of a semester, applicants will have to obtain instructor and academic department approval on the form and return it to the Office of Extended Education, where registration will be completed and fee payments made.

New students who wish to complete a degree program must apply for regular admission and, if admitted, pay regular student fees.

“Humboldt State appreciates the contributions that Over 60 students bring to the classroom experience,” said Carl Hansen, Director of the Office of Extended Education. “To offer this program while still reducing HSU’s enrollment, we made these changes in response to extremely difficult budget times.

“In addition to exceptional academic instruction,” Hansen said, enrollment in the Over 60 program through his office entitles participants to HSU library, data base and computer lab privileges and educationally-priced hardware and software from the University’s Bookstore. Over 60 students receive a Jackpass at the discounted rate of $15 per semester that provides unlimited access to AMRTS, Redwood Transit and Eureka Transit System buses. They also receive discounted admission to HSU athletic events and can use the Student Recreation Center for $48 per term.

“University plans show a dedicated commitment to the Over 60 program,” said Kathryn Corbett, HSU Professor Emerita and the program’s former Volunteer Director. “Among other positives, seniors will continue not to deprive any student a seat in the classroom. [HSU] President [Rollin] Richmond is to be commended for his support and belief in the Over 60 program.”

The Office of Extended Education also offers non-credit, shorter-term classes for learners aged 50 and above through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Information about Over 60, OLLI and other learning opportunities is available at www.humboldt.edu/extended and 707/826-3731.