HSU Students Participating in Virtual CSU Student Research Competition

Apr 13, 2020
Twelve outstanding student researchers from HSU have been chosen to represent the University in the 34th annual California State University Student Research competition being held virtually this year on April 24-25.

Every year, Cal State East Bay hosts the CSU Student Research Competition where students from the 23 CSU campuses compete for awards in discipline-based categories. The 12 HSU students competing in this year's competition study a wide range of subjects including child development, education, and various sciences.

Due to current situation with COVID-19 and travel restrictions, Cal State East Bay President Leroy Morishita and the Chancellor’s office cancelled the event, and instead made plans to have the competition virtually.

“We deeply regret that the current situation has impacted this important event for our students,” says Ganesh Raman, assistant vice chancellor for Research. “The health and safety of our university communities is our prime concern.”

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs would like to recognize these 12 student researchers:

Michael Academia, Undergraduate in Fisheries Biology
“Food Provisioning, Prey Composition, and Nesting Success of Ospreys in Northwestern California”
Faculty advisor: Jose Marin Jarrin, Professor in Fisheries Biology

M. Gohazrua Butler, Undergraduate in Psychology
“Transgenic Zebrafish Labeling Chloride Transporters, Key Regulators of Brain Activity and Behavior”
Faculty advisor: Ethan Gahtan, Professor in Psychology

Karin Chao-Bushoven, Graduate in School of Education
“Why People Donate? Motivation in Major Donors in Higher Education”
Faculty advisor: Eric Van Duzer, Chair, School of Education

Ciara Emery, Graduate in Environment and Community
“Bringing Climate Change Home to Meet Your Viewshed: Stakeholder Perceptions of Offshore Wind Energy in Humboldt County, California”
Faculty advisors: Laurie Richmond, Associate Professor, Environmental Science and Management, and John Meyer, Chair, Politics

Irene Gonzalez-Herrera, Graduate in Psychology
“Bully-Victimization, Depression, and School Connectedness in Early Adolescent Students”
Faculty advisor: William Reynolds, Professor Emeritus in Psychology

Sarah Holden, Undergraduate in Anthropology
“A Symbol of Hope: An Ethnographic Analysis of Religion and Disaster Following the Camp Fire”
Faculty advisor: Mary Scoggin, Professor in Anthropology

Haley Huffaker, Elizabeth Osuna, Undergraduates in Child Development
“An Autoethnographic Exploration of Resilience among Student Parents in College: Voices of Latina
Student Mothers”
Faculty advisor: Meenal Rana, Associate Professor in Child Development

Brandon Light, Undergraduate in Biological Sciences
“Loss of LGL 1 Affects Akt and Girdin in Murine Neural Progenitor Cells in a mTOR Dependent Manner”
Faculty advisor: Amy Sprowles, Chair, Biological Sciences

Erin Trent, Graduate in Biological Sciences
“Detection, Isolation, and Characterization of Rickettsia Species Phylotype G022 from Ixodes pacificus”
Faculty advisor: Jianmin Zhong, Professor in Biological Sciences

Carrie Tully, Graduate in Environment and Community, and Cody Henrikson, Undergraduate in Marine Biology
“Imagining an Indigenized Campus”
Faculty advisor: Cutcha Risling Baldy, Chair, Native American Studies