Inaugural Volume of HSU Library Journal Released

Mar 12, 2019
What if there was a way that educators could detect students at risk of failing before compounding low scores make a come-back unlikely?


In the article “Learning Analytics: Translating Data into ‘Just-in-Time’ Interventions,” Pauline Muljana from Old Dominion University and Greg Placencia from Cal Poly Pomona introduce learning analytics as the crystal ball with which educators can potentially predict at-risk students before it’s too late. Using data such as access frequency to course materials, assignment completion rates, and regularity of study time, the authors introduce a framework to improve student learning and retention.

If we are to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning in higher education, then we need a platform to critically examine our practices and share out our models and impact. _Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, Innovative Pedagogy_—a national, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access journal—provides that platform for the promotion of scholarly pursuits in innovative teaching and learning.
Want to be a part of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and share your classroom innovations? Volume 2 of the journal is now accepting submissions. The journal is open to the following topics: adaptations in instruction; assessment; interdisciplinary programs; educational partnerships; experimental SoTL; information literacy or metaliteracy; integration thinking; instructional design; open educational resources; and open pedagogy.

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