Logging Sports is Cal Poly Humboldt’s First Endowed Academic Club

Cal Poly Humboldt announced today the creation of its first endowment to support an academic club.The endowment was created by donations from students, alumni, and supporters of Logging Sports.

Cal Poly Humboldt announced today the creation of its first endowment to support an academic club.

The endowment was created by donations from students, alumni, and supporters of Logging Sports—an academic club of the Department of Forestry & Wildland Resources. They recently completed a multi-year effort to raise $25,000 to create the Cal Poly Humboldt Logging Sports Club Scholarship for Forestry majors. 

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Endowments invest a donor’s contribution long-term, using the income generated to award a scholarship in perpetuity. The Logging Sports club endowment will advance, now and in the future, the success of a club that helps prepare students for a career in the forestry industry.

“The endowment and the annual scholarship is a wonderful example of student initiative and donor support for future Forestry and Logging Sports students in their academic, career, and extracurricular interests,” says Forestry instructor Connor Goldstein, who leads the course along with faculty advisor and Forestry Professor Hunter Harrill. 

The Logging Sports team learns to use traditional and modern logging equipment, and sustainable timber harvesting and timber management practices. The team also competes in the annual Association of Western Forestry Clubs Conclave, where universities across the West use traditional logging skills such as ax throwing, cross cut sawing, wood chopping, chainsaw bucking, log rolling (birling), and tree climbing. 

Besides learning practical forestry skills, the benefits of the club include networking with professionals and hiring managers—important connections that can open the doors to career opportunities after graduation.

Funds for the endowment were raised with support from forestry and forest product companies, families, alumni, the Redwood Region Logging Conference, the Forestry Alumni Association, and the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference.

“I am thankful to the club, Connor, and all the donors for providing this scholarship and the opportunity to be a part of Logging Sports. The ability of the Logging Sports team to create this endowment shows the strength of the forestry and natural resources community,” says Veronica Lerman, the first recipient of the Cal Poly Humboldt Logging Sports Club Scholarship. “As a member of the logging sports team,  I’m grateful for the support the team receives because that support enables us to continue practicing, competing, networking, and learning.” 

Join us! You can learn more about supporting Cal Poly Humboldt and the Boldly Rising Campaign at boldlyrising.humboldt.edu. Or contact the Cal Poly Humboldt Foundation at giving@humboldt.edu or (707) 826-5200.

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Photo: A student member of Cal Poly Humboldt's Logging Sports Club participated in the club's "Logtoberfest," which featured tree climbing, axe throwing, and more.