Marine Lab Hosts Children's Program

Registration has begun for the HSU Marine Lab’s summer children’s program. This year the program with the theme of Maritime Explorations, will be offered for those students entering the 7th or 8th grade in the fall.

There will be two sessions at the Marine Laboratory from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The first session starts Monday, June 22 and ends on Thursday, June 25. Session two starts Tuesday, July 7 and ends Friday, July 10. Fee per session is $60. Pre registration is required. Forms are available from the Marine Lab website.

This summer’s program first day will feature a Native American perspective with study of the Tsurai Village, the Yurok people and their maritime activities. The day will culminate in a trip to Sumeg village in Patrick’s Point State Park. Day two and three will be focused on scientific investigation identifying and classifying local intertidal flora and fauna with field trips to the intertidal and local pier for plankton tows. The final day of the session will include a trip to the United States Coast Guard Station before boarding the Research Vessel Coral Sea.


Each day will include a field trip, lecture and lab time. Sessions will begin and end at the Marine Laboratory in Trinidad except for June 25 and July 10 when the session will end at Woodley Island Marina in Eureka.

For more information, visit the Marine Lab or dial 707.826.3671.