Moving HSU Residents Give to Charity

The Humboldt State University Campus Recycling Program and Housing Department partnered with the Eureka Rescue Mission and the North Coast Co-op to collect reusable items from residence hall students as they moved out last week, bringing in nearly six tons of reusable material.

Special collection bins were placed at each hall to collect lightly worn clothing, dinnerware, appliances, non-perishable foods, electronics, and other household items. To encourage donations, fifty volunteers were assigned to help residents separate reusable materials from their garbage during the final days of move-out.

"The Donation Drive is a perfect 'win-win' effort for everyone," said HSU Recycling Coordinator and co-organizer Alec Cooley. "The university is able to save on its garbage disposal costs and conserve resources while partnering with the Rescue Mission and Co-op to support community members in need."

The collection effort was made possible by the generous donation of gift certificates by the North Coast Co-op, which were used to recruit volunteers.

All items were donated to the Eureka Rescue Mission, a non-profit organization that serves local homeless families and individuals by providing meals, temporary housing and clothing. Materials collected from the donation drive will either be used to directly aid those in need or will be sold in their thrift shop to support Mission programs.