New Commercial Highlights Humboldt State

Humboldt State debuted a new commercial on Sept. 8 during the nationally televised football game against Central Washington University.

The 30-second spot, filmed this summer, is a unique collaboration between faculty, alumni and students from across campus and disciplines.

From the steps of Founders Hall to the rocky shores of Trinidad, Calif., the commercial gives viewers a glimpse of life and learning at Humboldt State. Titled “Way Beyond,” it takes viewers beyond the classroom to showcase the hands-on learning HSU students experience on and off campus. It also spotlights several campus locations, opportunities for recreation and the beauty of our natural surroundings.

HSU Film Professor David Scheerer directed the piece, which was written by HSU staff. He and a professional film crew, including a number of alumni, carried out all filming and editing.

Sean Craig, Professor of Marine Ecology, also played an important role in the project, inviting the film crew to accompany his Zoology class during a tide pooling field trip to Patrick’s Point State Park.

Students in Craig’s class performed as extras. They also helped find, care for and safely return the two sea stars that appear in the piece. One of the sea stars was found at Patrick’s Point State Park and filmed there exclusively. A similar sea star was brought in from the Humboldt State Marine Lab for scenes that were filmed outside the state park.

Also in the commercial, students appear with Professor Justus Ortega in the Human Performance Lab. At the Student Recreation Center, student athletes train for the field and for the cliff face in the Field House and on the Climbing Wall. And in the Ceramics Lab, students let inspiration take shape working on a pottery wheel.

Even students passing by volunteered to lend support to the project by appearing as extras.

After three days of filming, Scheerer’s team was tasked with editing the hours of footage down to a 30-second spot. Both the 30-second and 60-second versions of the commercial can be found online on Humboldt’s YouTube channel, HumboldtOnline.