Recognizing Cal Poly Humboldt Staff

Headshots of Staff Recognition Award winners
Top (left to right): Gillian Black, Kim Coughlin-Lamphear, Shannon Collart, Kelly Fortner, Brec Ronis. Bottom (left to right): Kali Rothrock, Douglas Smith, Rene Smith, Peggy Stewart, Anna Thaler.
Congratulations to the 2022-23 recipients of the annual Staff Recognition Awards!

Much of our success at Cal Poly Humboldt depends on the dedication, experience and skill of our staff members. For more than three decades, the annual Staff Recognition Awards program has recognized meritorious staff members at Humboldt. Congratulations to the 2022-23 award recipients! Read more about the recipients. 

  • Anna Thaler, Academic Advisor, Academic & Career Advising Center
  • Brec Ronis, Administrative Support Coordinator, Art + Film
  • Douglas Smith, Coordinator, Umoja Center for Pan African Student Excellence
  • Gillian Black, Academic Advisor, Academic & Career Advising Center
  • Kali Rothrock, CARE Services Case Manager, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Kelly Fortner, Student Support Coordinator, Center for Community Based Learning
  • Kim Coughlin-Lamphear, Accessibility Advisor, Student Disability Resource Center
  • Peggy Stewart, Administrative Support Assistant; Environmental Studies; Environment & Community M.A.; History; International Studies; Politics; Religious Studies
  • Rene Smith, Department Coordinator, Anthropology; Geography, Environment & Spatial Analysis; World Languages & Cultures; Center for Translation & Interpretation
  • Shannon Collart, Advancement Events Coordinator, University Advancement