Sponsored Programs Foundation Distributes $650k to HSU Research Community

Humboldt State University’s Sponsored Programs Foundation (HSU SPF) will distribute $656,822 to faculty, staff, and departments this year, based on their grant activity.

These funds are intended to stimulate and encourage externally-sponsored research. The purpose is to provide funding that can be applied to further research and student success at HSU. These funds can be used by faculty and staff researchers to expand opportunities for students to participate in undergraduate research, help identify and pursue potential sources of research grants, engage in scholarly and creative activity, or develop their research facilities.

Some fast facts for the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year:
•271 new grant proposals, requesting $60.4 million, an all time high
•178 new awards, totaling $33 million
•$34.9 million with direct revenue of $32.1 million and indirect revenue of $2.8 million
•Currently managing 605 active projects with a total award value of $110 million
•$1.9 million in grant scholarships and stipends
•$5.9 million in academic grants to support the educational mission of the campus including: $1.6 million for the Social Work CALSWEC grant, $1.7 million in Trio grants, and $717,000 for Hispanic Serving Institution STEM.

These funds help to support the research goals outlined in HSU’s strategic plan, which include developing a campus-wide focus on externally-funded research and to foster supportive collaborations for grant writing and research. Past distributions were made in prior years, and in total HSU SPF has distributed $5.6 Million back to HSU since 2011.

HSU SPF is considered a large employer in Humboldt County, offering job opportunities to over 844 employees annually. This total number includes approximately 134 full-time auxiliary staff, 351 part-time staff and faculty, and 359 students. Students benefit from both the learning experience of working on research projects as well as receiving a steady income. Faculty and staff benefit by being able to do research in their specialty field while receiving additional pay.

About the Sponsored Programs Foundation:

HSU SPF is a non-profit auxiliary of the University, and it exists to administer externally funded grants and submit proposals to funding agencies on behalf of Humboldt State University.