Students Head to System-wide Research Competition

Mar 23, 2017

Nine Humboldt State University students have been selected to represent the campus at the 31st Annual California State University Student Research Competition, April 28 and 29, at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Students are selected by the Planning Committee for Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities based on submitted applications. The annual statewide competition brings together outstanding student researchers from all 23 CSU campuses to compete for research awards in discipline-based categories. The students selected to represent HSU are:

Ricardo Cueva
Undergraduate in Sociology
“A Culturally Bankrupt Society: Jazz Students and Academic Capitalism”
Faculty advisor: Josh Meisel, Associate Professor, Sociology

Sean Haas
Undergraduate in Physics & Astronomy
“Searching for a Connection between Radio Emission and UV/optical Absorption in Quasars”
Faculty advisor: Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo, Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Dennis Hernandez
Graduate in Kinesiology
“The Effect of Rest Interval Duration on the Volume Completed during a High Intensity Bench Press Exercise”
Faculty advisor: Young Sub Kwon, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration

Laura Morgan
Graduate candidate in Biological Sciences
“Spatial Vegetation Modeling Suggests a Novel Transmission Pathway of the Invasive Forest Pathogen Phytophthora ramorum”
Faculty advisor: Erik Jules, Professor, Biological Sciences

Galen O’Toole
Graduate candidate in Environmental Resources Engineering
“Pressure Retarded Osmosis: Energy Recovery for Seawater Desalination”
Faculty advisor: Andrea Achilli, Assistant Professor, Environmental Resources Engineering

Jacob Rada
Graduate candidate in Engineering
“Comparison of PV Module Performance before and After 11, 20, and 25.5 Years of Field Exposure”
Faculty advisor: Charles Chamberlin, Co-Director, Schatz Energy Research Center

Lauren Smith
Graduate candidate in Biological Sciences
“Seasonal Comparison of Environmental DNA and Traditional Sampling Techniques for Detecting Coastal Tailed Frogs”
Faculty advisor: Sharyn Marks, Professor, Biological Sciences

Meghan Ueland
Undergraduate in History
“A Historical Investigation into the Chinese Expulsion from Eureka, California”
Faculty advisor: Robert Cliver, Chair, History

Michael Vernon
Graduate candidate in Forestry & Wildland
“In the Face of Drought: Do Fuel Reduction Treatments Promote Drought Resistance at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area?”
Faculty advisor: Rosemary Sherriff, Chair, Geography