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April, 2021

Sarah Green, Libbi Miller, Heather Ballinger, James Woglom, Education

Sarah Green, Libbi Miller, Heather Ballinger (School of Education), and James Woglom (Department of Art) presented "Expanding Equity Through Reducing Barriers: Applying Improvement Science to Justice in Teacher Preparation Application Processes"at the 2021 Carnegie Summit on Improvement in Education.

Michael Flynn, Geography

Senior Geography major Michael Flynn earned second place for undergraduate cartography for his map “California Fire Map” at the 2021 conference of the California Geographical Society (CGS), held April 23-25.

Faith Rehagen, Geography

Senior Geography major Faith Rehagen earned prize for undergraduate cartography for her map "The Baja California Peninsula" at the 2021 conference of the California Geographical Society (CGS), held April 23-25.

Jessica Janecek, Geography

Sophomore Geography major Jessica Janecek earned second place for undergraduate research presentation for her paper "Placing Memory, Preserving Individual Stories Amid Myth: The Humboldt Cannabis Oral History Project" at the 2021 conference of the California Geographical Society (CGS), held April 23-25.

Katie Piper, Geography

Senior Geography major Katie Piper took top prize for undergraduate research presentation for her paper "Nature’s Spigot: Bofedal Presence in the Peruvian Andes Mountain Range" at the 2021 conference of the California Geographical Society (CGS), held April 23-25.

Jasper Oshun, Geology

Jasper Oshun received a Fulbright Award to teach hydrogeology at a university in Lima and conduct water resources research in collaborations with communities in the region of Cusco. The teaching and research will occur between February and July of 2022.

Arianna Thobaben and Jessica Citti, Learning Center

Arianna Thobaben (Supplemental Instruction / Learning Center) and Jessica Citti (Writing Studio / Learning Center) facilitated a workshop titled, "Breaking the Virtual Ice: Online Tools and Activities to Build Community Among Student Staff and Beyond,"
at the Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance (ACTLA) virtual conference on April 23.

Joshua Frye, Communication

Joshua Frye, Communication, was recently invited to join the Advisory Board for Windlift, Inc. Windlift is a sustainable wind-energy research and development firm developing airborne power generation (APG) technology.

Kerry Byrne (ESM), Kellie Jo Brown (Marcomm), Environmental Science & Management

Kerry Byrne, Assistant Professor (ESM) published a paper in the journal Rangeland Ecology and Management entitled "Technical Note: A Rapid Method to Estimate Root Production in Grasslands, Shrublands, and Forests." Many thanks to Kellie Jo Brown (HSU Marketing and Communications) for taking excellent photographs for this paper.
See the abstract here:

Armeda Reitzel, Communication

Armeda Reitzel participated as a judge for group exhibits at the 2021 California State National History Day event held virtually throughout the state of California on April 18, 2021.

Samantha Kelly, Cessair McKinney, Environmental Science & Management

Sam Kelly (Environmental Science and Management Senior) and Cessair McKinney (December 2020 Environmental Science and Management graduate) presented their capstone research project at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Their talk was titled "Innovation in Restoration: Estimating Seed Counts Using a Photography App." Read their published abstract here:

Berit Potter, Art

Berit Potter (Art) was interviewed for the short documentary "Mosaic is Light" produced on the occasion of the exhibition “Mosaic is Light: Work by Jeanne Reynal, 1940 - 1970,” at Eric Firestone Gallery, NYC. She also contributed an essay to the exhibition's catalogue. "Mosaic is Light" has been featured in "4 Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now" in The New York Times, Artnet: Editor's Pick, and "Goings On About Town" in The New Yorker. The documentary is available here:

Bridget Opperman, Kamila Larripa, Mathematics

Math student Bridget Opperman will present a research poster on "Mathematical Analysis of Virus-Immune Dynamics and Implications for Treatment" at the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research.

AmyK Conley, Education

Education lecturer presented at American Educational Research Association Annual Conference her research "Creating the future of California’s teacher preparation of literacy instruction together after RICA" in a paper session “Exploring Models of Literacy Instruction” on April 12.

Joshua Smith, Chemistry

Dr. Joshua Smith, Chemistry, published a paper,"Strategies for Design of Potential Singlet Fission Chromophores Utilizing a Combination of Ground-State and Excited-State Aromaticity Rules" in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142, 12, 5602–5617

Joshua Smith, Chemistry

Dr. Joshua Smith, Chemistry, published a paper, "Triplet State Baird Aromaticity in Macrocycles: Scope, Limitations, and Complications" as part of The Journal of Physical Chemistry virtual special issue “Josef Michl Festschrift”.

J. Phys. Chem. A 2021, 125, 2, 570–584

Joshua Frye, Communication

Joshua Frye, [Communication, Journalism and Media] was recently awarded "Top Paper" from the Freedom of Speech Division of the Southern States Communication Association (SSCA) for his paper, "Polarization, Public Communication, and (Un)Civil Society", which he presented virtually at the SSCA annual convention. The paper examines the multiple causality of divisive and violent political culture that the US has witnessed during the Donald J. Trump Presidency. Dr. Frye was also an invited panelist to discuss the intersections of Freedom of Speech and the 2020 Presidential Campaign.

Dr. Joseph Dieme, World Languages and Cultures

Dr. Joseph Dieme has published his latest novel "Dans la peau d'un immigré" (In the Skin of an Immigrant). The book follows the experiences of a Muslim immigrant from Senegal in pursuit of the American Dream. From Dakar, destiny leads him to Paris; then to the African neighborhood of Little Senegal in Harlem, NY. Soon after his Senegalese wife joins him, their lives are changed by the September 11, 2001 events. To escape anti-Muslim policing and violence, he, his wife, and two undocumented African housemates leave NY and settle in a small Midwest town where they hope to find refuge.

Deepti Chatti, Environmental Studies Department

Dr. Deepti Chatti has been awarded the prestigious Alastair McCrone Promising Scholars Award this year for her outstanding scholarly contributions and promise.

Dr. Amy Rock, Geography

Dr. Amy Rock (GESA) published an article 'Bringing geography to the community: community-based learning and the geography classroom'


James Floss, Communication

James Floss, Faculty Emeritus of the Communication Department has won an Honorable Mention in College of the Redwoods' annual literary contest and will be published in the Seven Gill Shark Review later this semester.

March, 2021

Mary Ann Madej, Geology

Mary Ann Madej, Adjunct faculty, published a summary of 50 years of geomorphic research in Redwood National Park:
Redwood Creek watershed studies: Summary of geomorphic research at Redwood National Park. Natural Resource Report. NPS/REDW/NRR—2021/2228.

Rouhollah Aghasaleh, Education

Aghasaleh's book, Children and Mother Nature, Storytelling for a Globalized Environmental Pedagogy, has been awarded an Honorable Mention for the 2021 Society of Professors of Education Outstanding Book Award.

This volume is a multilingual collection that represents indigenous environmental knowledges from various ethnic, linguistic, geographical, and national groups of educators and students through storytelling. Each chapter includes indigenous folk tales with a theme of human-nature interaction and facilitated storytelling sessions with groups of students in K–8 grade in Turkey, Greece, US, Jamaica, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Chinese and Korean language speaking communities in the US.

Allison Huysman, Matt Johnson, Wildlife

Allison Huysman and Matt Johnson (Wildlife) published a paper entitled, “Multi-year nest box occupancy and short-term resilience to wildfire disturbance by barn owls in a vineyard agroecosystem” in the journal Ecosphere.

Vicky Sama, Chair; Erin Chessin, HSU Journalism class of 2019, Journalism & Mass Communication

Erin Chessin (Journ. ‘19) is published in the New York Times. Her first-ever article in a national publication, “A Successful Lifeline for Natomas Students is Feeling the Strain,” is about the toll the Covid-19 pandemic and virtual learning has taken on students in the Natomas Unified School District near Sacramento. Read the story at