As Housing Applications Open, Cal Poly Humboldt Has Affordable Options for Students Who Apply by the Deadline

view of dorms
While students across the country are making decisions about which college to attend and where to live, Cal Poly Humboldt is reaffirming its commitment to providing access to high-quality, affordable student housing.

The University expects to be able to accommodate all new students on campus who apply for housing in a timely manner, as well as our continuing students who desire to live in University-managed housing.

As a residential campus, most of the students that come to Cal Poly Humboldt don’t commute long distances. In fact, 90% of first-year students live on campus. Living in Cal Poly Humboldt housing is a great way to meet friends, gain a sense of community, and get immersed in all the University has to offer—all while being conveniently located close to classes and activities.

With deadlines approaching, including an extension to national confirmation dates due to federal financial aid delays, housing availability and affordability are weighing on the minds of parents and students.

Cal Poly Humboldt offers some of the most affordable housing in the CSU system. Currently, a double room on campus costs $7,322 per year, the second lowest among CSUs in coastal areas, only behind CSU Maritime, according to a recent compilation of costs from across the CSU. The rate is also the fifth lowest among all 23 CSU campuses, and more than $2,000 below the average rate for a double room.

“Cal Poly Humboldt is proud to be ahead of the curve in the CSU system when it comes to available, high-quality housing,” says Chrissy Holliday, Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Success. “As the University grows, we remain committed to expanding on-and-off-campus student housing through new infrastructure projects and through local partnerships.” 

Students have plenty of options when it comes to choosing how they will live—whether it’s in single, double, or triple rooms. Another perk: themed housing that’s organized around interests, academic or otherwise. Cal Poly Humboldt has nearly 20 different themed housing and learning communities, including those that center around gaming, outdoor adventures, Native American Living, and more. 

As in previous years, campus housing is available for new and continuing students. There have been more than 300 unoccupied beds in campus residences since the start of the 2023-2024 academic year.

As new residence halls continue to be built, the University remains ready to expand its scalable bridge housing options for continuing students as needed. Currently, there is one hotel that has been set up as a residence hall (Comfort Inn), an option that has proven popular with students who have lived there and enjoyed conveniently located shopping and a sense of independence. The University has the ability to add other hotels if/when the need arises. Students in bridge housing have access to networking events, enhanced security, and extra amenities including free continental breakfast and housekeeping services. Students can utilize the Jacks Pass on the local bus system, including the newly introduced A&MRTS Green & Gold Route with more frequent stops to/from campus. 

The University also extended campus support for students seeking off-campus housing through the Off-Campus Housing office; strengthened financial aid; increased online access to rental search resources; and developed closer partnerships with property managers.

Cal Poly Humboldt is actively expanding campus housing options. The Student Housing project, which broke ground in May 2023, will provide nearly 1,000 more beds in addition to a marketplace, gym, recreation spaces, and more—all less than one mile from campus.

An additional housing structure—the Housing, Dining & Health Building—will add another 305 beds. The building, which is still in its planning phases, will be located on campus, and is being designed to create an encompassing campus community with centrally-located student support services.

First-year, continuing, and new transfer students can now apply for housing for the 2024-2025 academic year, and new students will need to accept their admission offer before applying. The application is available on the Housing & Residence Life website and students are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible as housing is assigned based on submission date.

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