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December, 2022

Prof Alison Holmes (INTL) and Dr Susan Ross (San Jose State), International Studies
International Studies Professor Alison Holmes and Dr Susan Ross (San Jose State) presented to study abroad coordinators at the CSU International Forum at Sonoma State. Together with Dr Lily House Peters (CSU Long Beach) they are conducting research into ways to update and improve materials to support students before and after they return from study abroad that better represent the diversity of our students. The feedback was positive including interest from the Chancellor's Office.   
Sarah Jaquette Ray, Environmental Studies
With co-editors Sarah D. Wald, David Vazquez, and Priscilla Solis Ybarra, Environmental Studies professor Sarah Jaquette Ray's book, Latinx Environmentalisms: Justice, Place, and the Decolonial (Temple UP) won the Modern Language Association's prize for best edited book. 
Troy Lescher, Austin Maisler & Isabelie Montalvo, Theatre, Film & Dance
Dr. Troy Lescher and students Austin Maisler ('22) and Isabelie Montalvo ('23) published the “Doctoral Projects in Progress in Theatre Arts, 2022” report for the Association of Theatre in Higher Education [ATHE].
1, Geography
The Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, the western branch of American Association of Geographers, recently honored emeritus Professor Stephen Cunha with their Distinguished Service Award. During the awarding, a former student said “His passion for teaching geography through storytelling is unrivaled in the APCG. He has inspired generations of new geographers on the Pacific Coast and mentored many of them on to professions in the academy and industry for decades.”  In February, Stephen heads to Senegal, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia to lecture on National Parks and World Heritage Sites.
Michael H. Pazeian,
Michael H. Pazeian published the interview “John Hewston, World War II Veteran: Aircraft Gunner, Mechanic, and Supply Sergeant” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.
Carrie Tully,
Carrie Tully published their CSU Research Competition article and presentation “Working Towards Land Return in Goukdi'n: A History of Genocide and a Future of Healing” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.
Eli Baginski, Eden Marquez, and Skye Choi, School of Applied Health
Eli Baginski, Eden Marquez, and Skye Choi published their CSU Research Competition article and presentation “Normative Values of College-Aged Men and Women for the 1.5-Mile Test on a Treadmill for Cardiorespiratory Fitness” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.
Sondra P. Schwetman, Art
Sondra P. Schwetman published her original artwork “S.O.S.” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.
Albert Ochoa Castillo and Dr. Joshua Smith, Chemistry
Albert Ochoa Castillo and Dr. Joshua Smith published the peer-reviewed paper  “Design of Possible Organic Photovoltaic Compounds and Their Initial Computational Assessment” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.
Kodiak E. Miller, Caleb J. Strait, Jacob I. Begorre, Brittney L. Mitchell, and Dr. Claire P. Till, Chemistry
Kodiak E. Miller, Caleb J. Strait, Jacob I. Begorre, Brittney L. Mitchell, and Dr. Claire P. Till published the peer-reviewed paper “Concentration of Heavy Metals in Three Distinct Algae Families from Humboldt County, California” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.
Nikola Hobbel, English
Dr. Nikola Hobbel's co-edited collection titled *Social Justice Pedagogy Across the Curriculum: The Practice of Freedom* has been released from Routledge in a second edition. Co-edited by Cal Poly English Professor Nikola Hobbel and Thandeka K. Chapman, the book takes up the question: "What knowledge and tools do pre- and in-service educators need to teach for and about social justice across the curriculum in K-12 classrooms?" The collection synthesizes historical foundations, philosophic/theoretical conceptualizations, and applications of social justice education in public school classrooms. That the book is released in second edition is indicative of its significance in the field.  
Michele Miyamoto, Arianna Thobaben, Su Karl, Victor Garcia Balderas, Xander Roberts and Nicole Womack , Learning Center
Michele Miyamoto, Arianna Thobaben, and Su Karl presented at the Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance (ACTLA) Conference a workshop titled Advancing Equity Beyond the Training Session that shared what Cal Poly Humboldt Learning Center is doing to create Equitable Learning Spaces in their center. Here they contributed an Equitable Learning Spaces assessment for Learning Center Professionals to utilize and provided an action-research model for training Tutors and Supplemental Instruction Leaders in developing equity-minded practices. Cal Poly Humboldt students and Supplemental Instruction Leaders, Victor Garcia Balderas, Xander Roberts, and Nicole Womack presented their findings during the session.   

November, 2022

Sarah Jaquette Ray, Environmental Studies
Dr. Sarah Jaquette Ray will join a panel of experts on the topic of "Climate Education as Climate Action," organized by the Penn Program for Environmental Humanities, on December 13, 10-11am. Register to join at this link:…
Giselle Urquijo, Kana Voelckers, Dr. Marjan Asadinia, Computer Science
Computer Science students Giselle Urquijo and Kana Voelckers, in collaboration with Assistant Professor Dr. Marjan Asadinia, presented their poster on Improving Reliability and Durability of Phase Change Main Memories at this years Northwestern Regional Conference hosted by the Consortium for Computing Sciences in colleges, winning Best Poster Award.
Suzanne Pasztor , History
Professor Suzanne Pasztor published the book, La revolución Mexicana en Coahuila: El espíritu de Hidalgo.   The book was published by Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, and was featured at the Feria Internacional del Libro in Saltillo, Cohauila, Mexico.  Pasztor was the invited keynote speaker at that event.
Armeda C. Reitzel, Communication
Armeda C. Reitzel, Professor Emerita, was one of the co-authors of a new open educational resource titled: "Interpersonal Communication: Context and Connection (OERI)." This project was funded and facilitated by The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI).  
Mary Virnoche, Sociology
Professor Mary Virnoche published in Teaching Sociology “‘You Make Your Own Luck’: Building Cultural and Social Capital in a Major-Based Career Course.” The piece is a call to action for sociologists and other faculty, particularly those serving first-generation and BIPOC students. Research indicates that first-generation students are more likely than continuing generation students to rely on posted ads for opportunities, while most opportunities are actually discovered through networking. The article outlines curriculum and a pilot assessment of a required sociology proseminar. The course focuses on integrating major-based skills into professional materials, developing soft skills, and organizing professional opportunities and contacts.
Alison Ruth Holmes, International Studies
Professor Alison Holmes (Chair International Studies and Politics) presented to the Association of Interdisciplinary Studies hosted by Sonoma State University. She was attending the conference to promote the new online interdisciplinary journal, csuglobal. With a launch set for 2023, the journal will highlight the global work of faculty, students and staff of the CSU system. The goal is to better connect our campuses while showcasing the research, curricular and co-curricular work we do that connects California to the world. If you would like to know more about the journal or to submit your work email Dr Alison Holmes:
Alison Holmes (Chair, Politics and International Studies), Richard Marcus (Global Studies Institute, CSULB), International Studies
Professor Alison Holmes and Professor Richard Marcus (CSU Long Beach) made a brief presentation via zoom to the CSU's Academic Council of International Programs enlisting their help to get the word out about the new online journal, csuglobal. This interdisciplinary journal will launch in 2023 and is designed to showcase the work of faculty, staff and students of the CSU as they connect California to the world.  If you are interested in learning about the journal or submitting work email Dr Holmes:
Johnathon A. Macias, Environmental Science & Management
Johnathon A. Macias published the peer-reviewed paper “Highlighting the Disconnect Between Legislation and Sustainable Cannabis” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.
Erin J. Hanson and Dr. Jose R. Marin Jarrin, Fisheries Biology
Erin J. Hanson and Dr. Jose R. Marin Jarrin published the peer-reviewed paper “List of Fish Species Present in Galápagos, Ecuador, and California, U.S.A., With Notes on Their Commercial Importance and Conservation Status” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.
Louis Antonelli, Alexandra Winkler, Theron Taylow, and Natalie Greenleaf, Fisheries Biology
Louis Antonelli, Alexandra Winkler, Theron Taylow, and Natalie Greenleaf published the peer-reviewed paper ”Variation in Coastal Macroinvertebrate Species Diversity on Intertidal Boulders in Trinidad, California” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.
Jasmine Williamshen, Alison O'Dowd, Kyle De Juilio, Nicholas Som, Darren Ward, Brian Williamshen, Environmental Science & Management
Former ESM graduate student Jasmine Williamshen and co-authors Alison O'Dowd (ESM professor), Kyle De Juilio (Yurok Tribe Fisheries Program), Nicholas Som (USFWS), Darren Ward (Fisheries professor) and Brian Williamshen (UC Davis) published a paper entitled, "Restoration pulse flows from a California dam temporarily increase drifting invertebrate biomass concentration" in the Journal of Environmental Management (
Geneviève Marchand, Recreation Administration
Geneviève Marchand recently completed a national study on compensation in collegial outdoor programs. Findings were presented at the Symposium on Experiential Education Research and are published in a national report through the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education.
G. Webster Ross, Environmental Systems, M.S.
G. Webster Ross published the peer-reviewed paper “Injustice Within Renewable Energy Life Cycles: Can IRENA Offer a Solution?” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.