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Apr, 2018


Meet Our 2018 Distinguished Alumni!

Humboldt State University has been recognizing the achievements of alumni since 1960 when the University launched its annual Who’s Who Award. This year, we celebrate six alumni who have been recognized as leaders in their fields and have been outstanding contributors to their community, nation, or Humboldt State University.

Apr, 2017

HSU Honors 2017 Distinguished Alumni

Humboldt State University’s 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award winners are Kellie Johnson (’93, Political Science), Ken Pimlott (’88, Forest Resource Management), and Michael T. Rains (’68, Forestry Management, ’71 Watershed Management).

Nov, 2016

Sep, 2016

Aug, 2016

Sarah Wilber: Finding Opportunities in the Trash at Six Rivers Brewery

When Sarah Wilber (‘14, Communication, ‘16 M.B.A.) was growing up, it was her father who encouraged her to explore the world and seek new challenges. With this advice, Wilber came to Humboldt State. And for the last five years, she’s learned that keeping an open mind to new experiences is key to seizing life’s opportunities.

Jun, 2016

Lessons in Life and Business Found in Fish

Leading people and caring for fish have a lot in common. Designing an office is like creating a fishpond; taking care of an office is like nurturing a habitat; and running a business is like fostering an ecosystem. This is the business world according to Po Chung (‘69 Fisheries Management), who founded and led DHL International and is now leading an effort to reform education in Hong Kong.

Apr, 2016

HSU Honors the Year’s Distinguished Alumni

Humboldt State University has been recognizing the achievements of alumni since 1960 when it launched its annual Who’s Who Award. Distinguished alumni are individuals recognized as leaders in their fields, and/or outstanding contributors to their community, nation, or Humboldt State University. Here are this year's winners.

Oct, 2015


Humboldt Magazine: Fitter for Duty

Local firefighters and law enforcement officers are benefiting from a fitness program developed by Kinesiology Professor Young Sub Kwon. Read about it in the fall edition of Humboldt magazine.

Apr, 2015

Feb, 2015

Jan, 2015

Dec, 2014

Fall Graduates Honored at Annual Grad Fair

Humboldt State University will host its annual Fall Graduate Fair for students graduating in fall 2014 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 11 in the Great Hall, above the College Creek Marketplace.

Oct, 2014

Sep, 2014

Aug, 2014

Jul, 2014

Alumni Ocean Experts Team Up To Stem the Tide of Rising Seas

It was a foggy morning on the Pacific Ocean, resulting in a traffic jam of ships waiting to cross the bar and enter Humboldt Bay. But instead of venting frustration and impatience, the captains of vessels ranging from a U.S. Navy frigate to an oil barge, to Humboldt State’s own Coral Sea, joined together in a symphony on the sea.

Former Lumberjack Goes the (Double) Distance For Charity

Running’s personal rewards have long been documented – improved health being the most prevalent. But recent Humboldt State alum Armando Ibarra-Espinoza (’14, Kinesiology) has focused his fitness on benefitting others.

Apr, 2014


Humboldt State University Targets Fossil Fuels and More

Humboldt State University’s charitable foundation has adopted an expansive new policy to strictly limit its holdings in a variety of industries, including companies directly or indirectly involved in fossil fuels. And through its “Humboldt Investment Pledge” is urging other foundations to do more to clean up their investments.

Founders Day Offers Ways to Support Memorial Scholarships

Humboldt State University is making a special effort to raise funds for two new memorial scholarships this week until the end of Founders Day on Friday, April 25. The scholarships are named for the admissions counselor and two alumni who perished in the April 10 bus accident, and will support low-income and first-generation college students.

Mar, 2014

Alum Takes Reins of Sacramento Bee's Editorial Pages

In the world of journalism–that ever-evolving entity that keeps an eye on the greater world for us–Dan Morain (’77, Journalism) plays a prime role. From his seat in the capital of the wealthiest and most influential state in the union, Morain takes a good, hard look at everything from business practices to social issues, from the minimum wage to the mental health system.

Feb, 2014