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Apr, 2021

The Role of Warming Climate on Forest Reproduction

Building on 16 years of research, Forestry Professor David Greene has found evidence that mast seeding–the boom-or-bust crop cycle typical of most tree species–is governed by a simple weather cue that operates asynchronously across the continent. The findings have significant implications for forest ecosystems in an era of rapid climate change.


Spring 2021 Magazine: Year of Resilience

Read how the Lumberjack community adapted and thrived during a year like no other, catch up on alumni, see student, staff, and faculty achievements, and more.

Humboldt State University's 2021 Distinguished Alumni

Since 1960, Humboldt State University has been recognizing the achievements of alumni when HSU launched its annual Who’s Who Award. This year, HSU celebrates its 2021 Distinguished Alumni who have been recognized as leaders in their fields and have been outstanding contributors to their community, nation, or HSU.


Unique 'Corpse Flower' Blooms in HSU Greenhouse

One of the planet’s most unusual flowering plants, Amorphophallus konjac, is commonly known as the corpse flower for its distinctive and downright fleshy smell. This week, Humboldt State University’s very own corpse flower has bloomed, thrusting its burgundy stalk skyward and releasing a pungent aroma into the subtropical dome of the campus greenhouse.

Students Researchers Vie Among State’s Best in Annual CSU Competition

A group of Humboldt State University students has been selected to represent the campus in the 35th Annual California State University Student Research Competition. Held remotely for the second year in a row, the 2021 competition will be virtually hosted by Cal Poly Pomona on Friday, April 30  and Saturday, May 1.

On Teaching Beautiful Brilliant Black Girls

Humboldt State University Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Mary Oling-Sisay has contributed two original works to a newly released book titled, “Teaching Beautiful Brilliant Black Girls.” Designed to help white teachers understand and connect to Black students in their classrooms and communities, the textbook is a collective call to action for educational justice and racial equity.


Study: Economic Impact of California State University and HSU

A new economic impact study illustrates the California State University’s significant and varied economic contributions to the state’s economy including a return of nearly seven dollars for every dollar invested in the university by California.

Mar, 2021

HSU Partners with CapRadio to Manage KHSU

Humboldt State University has signed a Management and Programming Agreement with Capital Public Radio (CapRadio) to manage KHSU and the other non-commercial NPR member stations licensed to the University.


Women’s History Month: A Time to Celebrate Diversity

Since Humboldt State’s first graduating class of 15 women in 1915, the University has a legacy of celebrating and empowering women. This March, HSU honors thought leaders, scientists, activists, and scholars in the HSU community during Women’s History Month.

$949,000 Grant Opens Doors for Underrepresented STEM Students (w/ Video)

Microbes are all around us—in the air, our water, the earth, even our gut (think “good” bacteria)—and grow within all living things. What happens when microbes originating from one host migrate to another? Why does this matter? Humboldt State University students will explore these questions thanks to a prestigious $949,000 National Science Foundation grant awarded to Biology Professor Catalina Cuellar-Gempeler.

Planning for Fall 2021 Classes

With the anticipation of changes to safety guidelines by the state, Humboldt State University plans to expand the number of face-to-face course offerings in Fall 2021 that were originally announced last month.

Polytechnic Self-Study Update

The following is a letter to the campus community from Jenn Capps, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Lisa Bond-Maupin, Deputy Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to the President.